Beast Master 8.1.5 - Working Mint

Hi Everyone,

Ive been lurking this forum for a while and I never like to add in because… its scripting… and its on the edge of what is allowed… But there are times when you come back to a new pack, BFA for instance, and you just want to learn the mechanics and not worry about all the buttons you need to push and when. So i created this 2 patches back, but updated it for 8.1.5. It supports 2 different talent specs, ive seen great DPS on both, if your a Skada person then the one where you have 2 pets will show the wrong DPS… because the second pet doesnt get caught for whatever reason… and you will see your pet doing another 4-5k dps… “Details!” the addon seems to catch both your pets which is cool.

Same Script, its non blocking for Dire Beast vs Animal Companion, so just run it either way. Ive also found that Skarr pet is 2x stronger then any of my spirit pets even though they are tank spec… so go get Skarr… My secondary pet when i use Animal Companion is Gondria for completeness.

Script supports Talent Tree’s (2222211 & 3222211)

The reason its made like it is was cobra shot was killing my focus and this rotation keeps me with just enough to always be able to cast kill and barb.

Most important parts is when more then one target hold control down to keep Beast Cleave at least once ever 3 seconds & when you get Aspect of The Wild, spam cobra shot while this script is running.

For the Animal Companion Spec - 2222211 - I find i set all my gear focused on Crit and haste, with some mastery… Why that helps im not positive.

LASTLY - you have to select the targets manually. I found the automatic (not dead) scripts to get me in trouble if i had a couple drinks and tried raiding… so for mythic + and such this is the best script i could make (PERIOD). it hits ask mr robot DPS within 100DPS.

Have fun and provide any feedback you like!

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This is NotYours, IT works for single target but you need to press CTRL for multishot interupt.

This macro contains 1 macro version. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.4.04.

Macro Version 1

Step Function: Priority

KeyPress: Multi-Shot, Call Pet 3, Misdirection, Revive Pet

Main Sequence: Barbed Shot, Kill Command, Bestial Wrath, Cobra Shot, Aspect of the Wild

KeyRelease: Bestial Wrath

why use Animal Companion its useless
and Skarr is the same as all other pets

also what you need to do is read this

i will of course have a look at your macro for you and leave you some feedback

but i do not like and dont use Dire Beast vs Animal Companion

[quote quote=69709]why use Animal Companion its useless and Skarr is the same as all other pets
also what you need to do is read this[/quote]

I found animal companion when used in that talent tree does as much if not more DPS then Dire. Skarr for some reason doesn’t take damage like my spirit beasts do. Either way enjoy the macro, or not lol.