Beast Mastery Lazy Macro – 4.3

Sorry for not so much love on hunters in the past. Had to borrow my friends account, because my hunter is not 85 yet. This lazy macro is pretty nice, it pops all kind of cooldowns and keeps some constant decent damage (13k dps on dummy with 329 item level). But besides that is just a no brainer spam button.

I included a modifier for dump focus (Arcane Shot).

/castsequence [mod]Arcane Shot;reset=target Serpent Sting, Hunter's Mark,null
/castsequence Cobra Shot
/castsequence Kill Command,Focus Fire
/castsequence reset=40 Intimidation,Bestial Wrath,Fervor,Rapid Fire
/cast Kill Shot
/use 13
/use 14

Macro Explanation:

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hi fellow hunters am in need of some help with this beta macro >>>

/castsequence [mod:shift]Barrage;reset=target !Serpent Sting, !Hunter’s Mark,null
/castsequence !Cobra Shot
/castsequence !Kill Command
/use 13
/use 10

the help being it works as a dps spam macro but when i use mod = Barrage on a 2.86sec cast alot of the time it will fail very short of the cast any tip on a pos fix for this :slight_smile:

if i come up with a way be4 a reply a will post

Dude:) Everything is perfect except I can’t see the macro here :slight_smile: