Benefits to pateron

what are the benefits to the gse pateron i am really considering it but im just curious what is on their discord? is there indepth how to create and understand gse or premades as well?

im curious about this as well

i just became one. so far new version of gse and there are builds in hte discord but i dunno if they are different from the ones on these forums i need to time to look

None of my builds are here at all. They are all on Patreon.

What you get from GSE’s Patreon is:

  • Advance updates to GSE and early access to anything I create
  • Priority and Direct access to me. I don’t read posts here or respond to PM’s on this website. GSE Patreon’s are able to message me directly
  • Access to and the ability to influence GSE’s development
  • Ensure that GSE continues to be updated.
  • My personal GSE Templates for the classes I play.

Woah wait, why have I been living under a rock? I’m pretty sure Timothy Luke plays a lot of Wrath Classic? as I do, I kind of quit playing retail, but I had NO idea there was a Patreon with macros we don’t see here on the free site. or am I missing something.

Let me in on this please, I’m sure I would subscribe to have the benefits to all the juicy Wrath classic macros

GSE Patreon is only A: get newest GSE before it goes free. B: what macros Timothy makes and releases, not for all macros you get on this site. Tim is very busy, so he uses what is found on this site and adjusts them to fit how he plays and he keeps them to himself. lol

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So the Patreon would help support Tim’s time, but it doesn’t unlock a trove of unseen macro’s is that right?

It does not. There are certain creators that do have patreon so ppl can get newest macros before they are released to public.

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Hi TimothyLuke, I’m interested in subscribing to your patreon … but what classes do you play? you can say it?

I play Pally (Prot and Ret) Retail with AOTC seasons 1 and 2 KSH season 1 - almost has KSH season 2 for retail, Prot warrior with AOTC and KSM season 2 in retail with Arcane Mage as an alt. In Wrath Classic play a Prot Pally and going to do a frost mage, a BM hunter or a priest in Classic Hardcire