Best after nerf PvP macro I have found

new talent tree plox <3

Do you have the new talent tree, since yours is out of date? the one with Kingsbane


1st one is the main?
2nd is burst?

i use one of the other macros in sin category for just dps izzi has a good one

… ok im confused

you dont use this macro that you made?

also-- i dont see izzs’ macro in this section for sin

i jst use it for opening burst then switch to another macro

JM ASS one works good

Can u update ur talents pls?:slight_smile: this link below is not correct. Thanks for the work <3


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Can u link the 2. macro u use? I write one on my own but I’m not rlly sure

JM ASS for Dragonflight its this one is the assass area