Best Class to use GSE

It was a while since I entered into the page. I worked into my BM GSE Macro during the beginning of Shadowlands and I was thinking maybe to change Class , and was wondering what is the best class to use GSE for in Dragonflight.

What do you guys think? I still expect it to be BM, but what are your opinions?

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hello many think that bm is the simplest in reality it is not so today in my opinion. unfortunately the bm revolves a lot around the spell barbed shot and some procs like beastly slash when you use multiple shot, so the macro will execute everything but not taking into account that barbed shot should be recast to be precise at least 2 seconds from expiring it often happens to find yourself without a stack active because the macro squeezes the spells too much when instead they should be used with various precise times. to play even at a good level it performs well but is not as precise as it should be. in my opinion classes with passive talents without dot and buf are simpler to macrare example (demon hunter - war fury ) are I think the easiest.
let’s say geese in the context it is certainly simpler than others, but it would be nice if some aspects of the macros could be improved.


Maybe Maybe. I will create a DH just to test and see if it plays well. Although I’m still happy to play ranked with the BM.

Out of all the macros I created, I found that WW Monk was the easiest, BM Hunter is no longer an easy rotation due to all the changes with Barbed Shot. Demon Hunter is kind of easy but not fully easy.

I would not recommend Feral Druid or Combat Rogue right now because they are more advanced, and have complicated rotations, though my Feral Druid one has gotten a lot of praise.

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surprised how few responses are here heading into a new xpack, i hurt my wrist recently and may need surgery i am curious what classes are optimal IN dragonflight, as mentioned above BM and even Havoc seem to have fallen off slightly.

I am interested what will take the top spots for GSE compatibility for DPS and TANK

I am currently eyeing Prot / Fury Warrior
Blood Dk / Frost? or Unholy?
Enhancement Shaman??? ( any good )

Fury is good and has a basic auto rotation if you use the Annhialtor talent build that @GauPanda developed. The Raging Blow / Crushing Blow style is better off for Raid or M+ DPS but I haven’t had the time to create a macro for it.

Frost DK is good but if you look at my macro it does have key modifiers like holding shift when Howling Blast procs. Unholy I don’t know the spec too well.

Enhancement was the top DPS but has been nerfed 25% in updates. Also, it’s a complicated modifier rotation that you need to use shift or any other modifier key for LB or CL casts. It’s not like the old style that was well-known in Legion and BFA.

Warlock is very easy this time around, Destruction has been very easy on the hands, and not have a lot of modifiers. You can use @vince-orlando macro for Destro, I also made a tweak to that to include Immolate instead of Cataclysm.

Also if you want to try it, @Elfyau Ret Pally macros are very good, the single target one is better than the AOE one but is also easy on the hands.


thanks, def still interested in enhance may do some testing but will most likely main warrior this xpack

For the first time, I won’t have a main, that’s good for me, because Blizzard did something nice to each spec and each class with these new talent trees to make things better.


Thanks a lot @Moonsorow for the detailed answers. I have been testing some macros on the live servers but guess I will need to wait a little more until later this week to test on live characters at level 70 to see the results.

Fingers crossed but I will have a look into the WW monk as well.

Hello @gamers

Just as a small feedback I tried a demon hunter level 70 with more or less the same ilvl than a BM hunter and at least with the macros I could find in Lazy Macros, I have to be honest with @Elfyau BM hunter macro I’m getting better results than with the DH macros for Havok.

In training dummy and so far in Algeth’ar Academy Dungeon. I still need more time to get a Warrior or a Monk to level 70 to test. More since I think seeing the results Ill try to gear up my BM.

Although with some of my Mythic friends, I have to admit that BM is not doing as much burst as I would like. And in AOE is descent but Havoc (not using GSE) knowing how to play put more AOE that I could with the BM.

The best class you actually know how to play and not blindly pick one not understanding what’s going on and just giving the feedback: " workz gud"

This is purely my opinion and from experience find that the “best clsss” to use with GSE is the one you play the best without GSE in the first place. For everyone this is different.

I often see people ask what should I boost or level and have to go the last thing you want to use with GSE is a class you don’t know inside and out. If you don’t know the class inside out to begin with how will you have a clue both with what your character should be doing and what your GSE template should be doing.

Picking up a template from here or any repository for that matter combined with that class at max level and the right talents will give on average 40-60% of that characters potential dos. The sad part is so many people settle for that and think they are gods gift to the class. The remaining % can only be achieved after spending hundreds of hours meticulously adjusting that macro to both how you the player plays and the specific stat combination of your character and at the end of that process. The GSE template often times looks nothing like what you imported initially. If you don’t love the class and know how to play it without GSE in the first place you simply won’t put in the time to get that result.

The TLDR - the class you know to play and enjoy will always outperform any other when you are using GSE.

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See? @TimothyLuke knows what time it is.

@TimothyLuke @Deezyl_Fizzlepop

Thanks for the feedback. Indeed is true that you need to do a lot of adjustment. And believe me I didnt just got a 60 character put gse, went to a dummy and click the button. but read and learn how to perform the rotation by myself before using GSE.

Although the question remains the same, which Class can you use GSE the easiest. There are classes with a lot of procs that are harder to add into a sequence. And others that have a more standard rotation that help making GSE being able to put an 80% of the class potential into GSE.

I’m not a good player when the action comes to play. So if there are a lot of abilities happening on screen, i tend to stop attacking and focusing into avoiding stuff. And this are the moments I use GSE the most.

With BM the numbers I get from me playing vs GSE Playing are rather similar, being the best DPS in the dungeons.

Unfortunately, with Havoc I didn’t get that. Playing by myself I did much better with GSE, and that is the reason why I returned to Games to let him know that at least for me GSE in that spec is not giving me the best results.

But I will try to play more Havoc that seems to be in the path to be God Tier for M+ this season and try to improve my playstile with and without GSE on that spec and maybe report later my results :slight_smile: