Best classes to macro in shadowlands

i got CE with BM hunter macro in bfa. plan on sticking with BM in shadowlands but curious what other specs seem to be simple enough to effectively macro in shadowlands.

Got CE with BM as well, was def the easiest I found to make a macro for and seems it will still work really well in shadowlands with just minor tweaks.

Yo guys, can you share your macros you used to get CE?

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@stuart-shelton usually, CE means Cutting Edge (achievement for beating heroic raid content before release of next one)

I am looking to push CE with DH. They aren’t the best class, the most powerful class, but I feel I am good at them and will be using a modified version of the ones I use here.

Pretty much everyone in my guild uses GSE and they all got CE. Classes known to work with GSE: Hunter, Warlock, Mage, Priest, Demon Hunter, Shaman, Paladin, Rogue, Monk, Death Knight, Warrior and Druid. The tinker and necromancy hero classes don’t work with GSE yet. There are some factors like Blizzard releasing them that prevents this.

@Lutechi claims GSE apparently does 20% less DPS if you are Alliance over Horde though I am skeptical of his finding. I think it’s a self imposed tax so he doesn’t play Alliance.


I used Elfys BM macro to get my CE with my group a long with doing my 5 mask solo Horrific Visions for the Black Serpent of N’Zoth and “The Faceless One” Title so if youre in a rush looking for a good macro to do those two things I would Highly suggest Elfys BM Hunter macro if you have a Decently geared Hunter laying around, and hes also a mad man when it comes to creating macros and keeping them up to date, hes my goto for all macros with all of my classes with the exception of changing MS and changing the Modified Keys every now and then

i think frost mage is meta for m+ , but dont know how ez it is to create a makro.

Using Gse definitely does not gimp your dps, I get 90 parses on most mythic bosses and 99’s on heroic. I use it for health reasons and probably couldn’t play the game at all without it. Effy’s macros are awesome but you still need to understand how your class works and how to maximise it and chop and change your macro to suit if you want to get the most out of it.

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I do hope that in the future there are a bit more things that are useful to the system. I do know a LOT of people just want the easiest way to get recognized, 90% give 0 respect to the macro for the help. I’d know, I’ve caught a lot of people who “Yea I started to practice!” Like and meanwhile I look at the mutual server, and they all the sudden switched classes to the hunter and this is in their server list lol. I do wish that in the near future maybe a bit more freedom would be given to the site. But I get that when you give to much, someone tries to abuse it.

Kinda just how it goes sadly. I just want to play, some want to abuse, there is never going to be an easy way.