Best Healer for GSE

Hi all!

What would be the best healer to use with GSE?

Has anyone had better success with any particular class?

Seems like rsham might work well, but I don’t know for sure.


I heard paladins are awesome and so are druids.

I bet all should be good, might have to tweak a thing or 2 sometimes.

Wow, not gonna lie…I’m a little surprised by those two.

With some variables to consider like light of the martyr, life loom and hot applications…I would’ve thought it would be difficult to make a macro to handle it all. I better look into this!

Druid been the best for me so far.

In regards to available healing macros and ease of play/ effectiveness I’ve also wondered which class might be best to try. I used to play Pally heals and he was awesome, I see they are ranked high right now, I will give a few macros a try for different healers and see how it goes.

Best bet is to join random BG’s and that way you wont get slammed for wiping a 5 man if you mess up on the macro?

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I would have to agree with Bababooey_1964. That is how I test out healing and different talents is in random bg’s.

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