Best keyboard/gamepad brand for recording/playing macros?

So I’m currently using Logitech, but since they don’t make a gamepad anymore, and my G13 is having issues (plus I’m sick of the keyboard now that I have to use it for WFH) I need a new keyboard/gamepad. Any suggestions?

My personal preference is Razer.
Amazing quality all over the board.

@Firefast Does Razer Synapse allow you to reprogram any key with repeats, or do you still need AHK for that? With the Logitech software I could do either the G keys or the gamepad (G13) keys, but the new Logitech software doesn’t support the G13, and you can only macro the G keys on the keyboards, which is annoying.

Or would I need the Razer keypad to do the macros? (looks like the new software version only supports one of their keypads as well…)

Synapse allows for complete and complex macros. You’re free to switch and do whatever the hell you want litterarly :slight_smile:

For example - I’ve programmed my naga to be only “toggle” and it’s quite easy to use.
I don’t roll with the newer Synapse (I use the…think it’s called vers 3.0?). Anyway - I think that the user settings are way friendlier there.