Best keyboard/mice brands support macros?

Question on keyboard/mice brands… currently I use a Logitech keyboard on my Mac because it’s the only one that has programming support for the Mac. But… I’m finally switching to a PC. So with that, wondering what keyboard/mice brands have good programming software that specifically support repeat-on-keypress?

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I’m currently using a Logitech set, but used to have a Steelserie and both brand worked fine!! I’ve seen people here using Razer, Corsair and others without a problem either! So your pick really! But most importantly, welcome to to light, welcome to PC !!!

Haha… if Apple hadn’t gone down the road of even more expensive desktop pro systems, I’d stay with Mac, but… While I could still justify $4k for a MacPro 6 years ago… with their new Pro desktop it would be $6k… to start. Can’t go there… It ticks me off that Apple has gone down that road even farther.