Best Macro Class

I’ve been using this site since halfway through MOP on my hunter and its been great however in my guild we already have a great hunter so I’m looking for a new class I tried macros out on my Moonkin in ilvl680 and barley get 20k and I don’t like to raid as i feel like I’m letting the raid down, so I’m looking to roll something new what classes work really well with gs macros as i have chronic arthritis and i cant seem to play like i use too thanks

I would like to know as well

Retribution Paladin. Hands down the easiest macro class. Hunters after that.

Edit: Also, having two great Hunters in a guild isn’t a bad thing!


Locks are great as well … Only addon i use is Macro toolkit for my locks… both affliction and destruction builds…i also suffer with rheumatoid arthritis so i feel your pains … literally … LOL

if you would like the macros for a lock just send me a private msg and i will send them to you personally

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