Best Single target macro ... share please

Welcome. I am writing this text because probably many of you know, and some are looking for the most efficient macro. Please share the brief description. Macro, ilvl, dps (min 5 million damage done). Let this be an attempt to classify retri palladin :).

Unfortunately I must say that with regret I have not found anymacro that fits so far.
i am item livel 419 and should do around the 28k dps as it saysraidbots, instead all macros here on the forum give me maximum17 18k very low. i tried to write macros myself but they are notgood. i’m seriously thinking of changing main at this point.
I play the macros using them manually without any settaagio ms orahk . I do not know where the problem is

My palla is 388 ilvl and with this macro Retribution Paladin GSE Macros for 8.0 - YouTube (dedicated for 8.0) im doing 12,5-13,5 k. Didn`t found better one.