Best Tank with Macro?

Hey Guys,
i want to go really fast with BFA an wanted to know which Tank is coded best. So which one performs best. I rlly like Druid and Monk, but also Vengenace, Which one would you all recommend?

Regards =)

That all depends on your play style each one is different playstyle. Veng has a really good macro ready for BFA already posted. I’m working on the others right now but until we get what is the best talents by theory crafters they are all based on what we have tested in Beta/PTR. Like we keep saying the best is up to you not the macro.

Hard to say what my playstyle is. I just want to run Mythic+ with my Friends. I wont raid, but i want to push Keys and gear quickly. I guess i prefer Monk or Druid, because i can Heal and Dps aswell, but i really need these macros to help me.
As for Mainspec, which should be Tank it would be good to know if Druid or Monk Macros are far worse than Demonhunter

Thanks for your Reply

For Tank healing, BfA has changed monk a lot and the self-healing has gone down… IF you want self-healing, nothing better then a Vengeance DH… Not only are you extremely mobile, you can solo much more things if your healer is dead as a DH. But try them out, Ripshawn has a great tanking macro out there and Cymiryc plans on maining a BrM so you can be assured there will be great tanking macros out there!

And whats your opinion on Druids? They Seem strong for M+ in bfa

Ripshawn’s Vengeance macro is outstanding - I’d recommend it for the DH. I’ve pretty much played the DH exclusively since I started using his macro.

Ok,so leveling DH will Happen. Now what about Druid and Monk. Which seems better for m+ or is likely to have good macros die to easy scripting of Rotation ?

@Michael E. Lewis thanks for the kind words about my macro.

As for the Monk and Druid macro, I will be posting some macros but I will not have them as mains. the macros will stay up to date as things change.

Ok, so its likely that i will Main dh also and alt the others. I Want to thank all of You for your fast replies :slight_smile:

@Myrnason I just posted a Brewmaster Macro which I was able to kill like 5 to 6 mobs at a time of course after I had to heal my self but I was able to hold aggro on all of them and even soloed a few rares with no problem.

That Sounds really cool :slight_smile: i just saw some vids of BfA wehre dh and monks and druid Tanks ran m+ xy. So i just wanted to Know what You think, which Clas macros will be able to let me do this With my friends
Really looking forward to BfA and Tanking

with my DH macro am able to do M+18 but have heard other get in the 20’s so yes my macro will do it. As far as i have heard druid as not the tank they were in legion well DH have become the better tank. But again is all personal if you like the MOnk style of tanking play that, if you like having lots of health and taking shot the head play druid, if you like both style of play DH. they all have a different style of play to them