Beta Demo

Hi all,

Here’s a Demo build I’ve cobbled together from a bunch of others here. Started with Cymiryc’s 7.3x Demolicious (Haven’t changed the attribute in the macro for this reason) and added some 8.0 stuff.

This is my first attempt at a macro, it’s an all-in-one type thing and could definitely do with some advice and guidance from more experienced peeps.


this isnt working.

Not sure what to Say Bobby, is working fine for me.

What seems to be the problem?

the code is not formatted for the add on did you convert it ?

1.1 k at 200 ilvl. No hickups. Thanks.

Can you recommend a speed for those with either AHK or programmable gaming devices?

good good,nice macro

what speed for AHK please

Hi guys, I run my synapse at 100ms

Hi Kenneth,

You’ll need to update your GSE. The new GSE will accept this script.

thanks for the speed… working as intended but im no hardcore M+ or raider just casual quest-er
are you going to be updating this not sure if it needs it?

1460 DPS @ ilvl 200.

I can only manage 1500DPS by firing tyrant/HoGD/Demonbolt procs manually so I’d say the results are quite good, especially when you compare the effort of one button vs not.

Also curious about the talent loadout. The config is 3212123 but you don’t use bilescourge bombers

its not casting demon bolt?