BFA Beta Macros??

Was wondering if anyone that has Beta access has made any macros yet? Would love to test them out.

Well as i keep saying, at this point you’d be as well making your own right now.

Reason being is there is no formatting, it’s only /casts that can work so that makes it 1 /cast spell per line.
There is no optimisation to be done.

Yea, thats the thing I tried making one with just /cast Rockbiter just to test it out and nothing, also tried the record macro and same thing. When I push the macro button nothing happens. Am I missing something? I also did put more than just /cast Rockbiter as I tried something like

/cast Rockbiter
/cast rockbiter
/cast Flametongue
/cast Stormstrike

so is that not the right format to put in the sequence section?

I would need to see the verbose of what you’re putting in… if it’s rockbiter and not Rockbiter then it’s not going to work

literally I tried one with just Rockbiter as written below in the sequence section and it nothing happened when I pushed the macro.

/cast Rockbiter

Alright, i will have a look once i get home from work, but that’s in a few hours.

All i can say for it at the moment is try clicking on it see if that works.
Try it in a simple /m macro and see if that works.
Make sure you’re Enhancement when you wrote it and not Elemental/Resto as you create a macro based on your specid at the time you hit “New”

Oh and forgot, check you’re not using Beta 2 version of GSE… when you create the macro you need to do a /reload to fix it. It will look like the macro has been created but when you /reload it’s taken out of your action bar and is a book again. Will work when you create the macro again

Happened on Import but not sure about new… should have been fixed in beta 3

Yea, all should be fine. As I wasn’t able to save anything in beta 2 but 3 allowed me to save they just don’t do anything haha. even tried a /reload to see if that would make it work. I’ll try what you suggested in a regular /m macro shortly. Thanks for your assistance in trying to figure this out.

Ok, a basic /m macro will cast the basic /cast Rockbiter however it won’t in Beta 3 of GSE. I have submitted a bug on Github just in case as I don’t see how this can be not related to GSE.

Latest update, I got it to work by NOT renaming the macro and just leaving it as “NEW SEQUENCE” going to do some more messing around

Ok, it looks like you have to put the name in ALL CAPS when you’re creating a new macro. Myself and someone else from Github both have new working macros by using this technique.