BFA Outlaw (Snake Eyes)

This build requires 3x the Snake Eyes Azerite trait to be worthwhile. example
And the following talent build.:

You’ll be spamming sinister strike and then apply or refresh SnD at 5CP. (Always)
This will give you 5 new stack to use on Sinister Strike.

You still use Blade flurry for AoE and Killing Spree if you need burst AoE or maybe recharge some energy on single target.

GSE import string:

I been using this macro for quite some time now, but its having this bug now where it’ll cast sinister strike animation but won’t do the sinister strike.

Weird, can you replicate the error?
Also, don’t think it an error in the macro.
The way you describe it, it sounds like a game error.

Never heard anything like this before, for except maybe Disc priest and wands+smite bug. But nothing like this for rogues.

What do you mean by that like a bug report?

Yeah so it just auto attacks and when im spamming the macro, sinister blade isn’t proccing.