BfA Survival Kit

It would appear that a number of people saying blah blah doesn’t work don’t appear to know much about alpha/beta work. As in Alpha being a bare-bones system with a lot of mechanics disabled or not working as intended.
This is why it’s always good to report/bug everything so it gets fixed.

Now; In this current alpha patch Blizzard has allowed the use for addons. They don’t all work but the one’s we’re here for does, for the most part.

This list can be expanded on as more and more start to work again

Does Work
/casts [mods] in the keypress
Instants+GCD spells
/castsequence with 1 spell only
Random Sequence (new)

Does NOT Work
/castsequence with more than 1 spell per line
GCD/timer skills in Keypress (may lock your macro)