BFA WW Monk macro 8.3

Here’s A macro I been Working on I’m not to sure with the premacro function, it doesn’t seem to fire when its suppose to all the time .


Hi Todd, have you allocated a loop limit number? Without it the pre macro section will not fire, default choice is 1 for most frequent/on off cool down use if that is your desired function

Also moves that contain cool downs in the main sequence can also throw your pre macro timing out sometimes

yea, I have my loop limit set and the pre macro is instant so not sure why it hangs up sometimes on the pre macro , other than that It works great and I hit like a truck.

Ahh, Figured it out… I had a 10 instead of 1 for the loop limit.

Glad to hear hopefully it has had your desired effect :slightly_smiling_face:

I use Talents 1,2,2,2,1,2,2 and changed the first castsequence to Fist of the White Tiger and I am getting a sustained 37k damage with zero buffs. Using Simcraft, Raidbots has my damage at 43,580 with all raid buffs. This is a wonderful macro. Very nice job.

Awsome, I’ll try it out too, If you can Improve upon it I’m all in.

this is by far the best wind walker macro out in this website instead of getting 35k i was doing 55k with other macros

Glad you like it Thx

Hi, what DPS are you doing, logs? AHK use ? ms?

could u give an examples or link for ‘others’

Hi, what DPS are you doing, logs? AHK use ? ms?

Can you tell me why when I pull this over it shows different talent options than the ones you posted on the macro above?