Big dmg DH havoc


## Usage Information
Run at 40ms

Metamorphosis at SHIFT
Heart Essense at ALT

Manually use:
Chaos Nova for stun

This macro contains 1 macro version. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.6.30.

this is my first ever pulished macro.
Plz, let me know what you think <3

Just tested it, so far so good. Not a geared DH, but no hang ups. Keep it up.

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The macro isn’t casting chaos strike for me I am not sure if I am doing something wrong.

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Have you tried chancing your ms in gse? Om my dh it is using it <3

I just made an account in what has been months using this site to comment. This macro was surprising well, I didn’t feel any hang ups on it i boosted up to 6k dps and i leveled off at 3.4 sustained for about 5 mins hitting 1m+ overall damage. my stats: Ilv- 125 , 41% mastery , 28% crit, 15%haste.

glaive tempest 293k
eye beam 120k
death sweep 97k
blade dance 89k

Top skills in total damage ^ I think many can achieve better results as i dont have most optimized gear, thanks for this macro im going to take it into shadowlands happy hunting!

@Louze what Talent build is this for and also with Blade Dance now costing more will your wonderful macro change any?

Yea, mine isn’t casting chaos strike either