Big dmg DH havoc


## Usage Information
Run at 40ms

Metamorphosis at SHIFT
Heart Essense at ALT

Manually use:
Chaos Nova for stun

This macro contains 1 macro version. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.6.30.

this is my first ever pulished macro.
Plz, let me know what you think <3

Just tested it, so far so good. Not a geared DH, but no hang ups. Keep it up.

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The macro isn’t casting chaos strike for me I am not sure if I am doing something wrong.

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Have you tried chancing your ms in gse? Om my dh it is using it <3

I just made an account in what has been months using this site to comment. This macro was surprising well, I didn’t feel any hang ups on it i boosted up to 6k dps and i leveled off at 3.4 sustained for about 5 mins hitting 1m+ overall damage. my stats: Ilv- 125 , 41% mastery , 28% crit, 15%haste.

glaive tempest 293k
eye beam 120k
death sweep 97k
blade dance 89k

Top skills in total damage ^ I think many can achieve better results as i dont have most optimized gear, thanks for this macro im going to take it into shadowlands happy hunting!

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@Louze what Talent build is this for and also with Blade Dance now costing more will your wonderful macro change any?

Yea, mine isn’t casting chaos strike either

Havoc and the talents are typed in so you know what to pick <3

Hmm. In the original version here, its casting it in my playing. Im sorry i cant help with this :frowning:

I can’t import your macro!

I had the same issue with a different macro and it told me I had an older version of GSE and had to update to use it. After you try importing, check your general chat and see if there is a message there. I updated mine and after a bunch of tries over 3 hours it finally updated. Make sure you are using 2.6.49

I like this macro but I have full fury large amounts of time which is not good when you have the talent that gives you fury during eye beam so i moved it out of the macro and put it where heart essence used to be. It works better for me but sometimes but not as often I will get full fury for a short amount of time.

unable to interpret sequence … cant test it :frowning: