Blade of Justice Macro help

I’ve made this macro and would like some help or feedback as it’s the first one I’ve ever made

I’m a 910ilvl Pally using talents 1,1,1,2,2,2,2 after having some help from a friend about raid set up and dps rotation, I would appreciate any and all feedback or advice to make the macro better

Sequences[‘Ret-Dps’] = {
– This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.1.03.
Talents = “1112222”,
MacroVersions = {
[1] = {
StepFunction = “Priority”,
“/targetenemy [noharm][dead]”,
“/cast Shield of Vengeance”,
“/cast Blade of Justice”,
“/cast Crusader Strike”,
“/cast Judgment”,
“/cast Templar’s Verdict”,
“/cast Crusade”,
“/cast Wake of Ashes”,
“/cast Templar’s Verdict”,
“/cast Eye for an Eye”,

First of all you’uld delete “/cast Divine Storm”, from it
I mean you should write a Single target macro or AOE macro so
Divine Storm is an AOE spell not a single target spell like the rest of your macro.
When you do it following to Templar’s Verdict after getting 3 holy power it will not cast Templar again, your macro will try to cast Divine Storm and your hit point will decrease significantly.
Soo apples and oranges bro :wink:

By the way your macro is Sequential not Priority so Blade of Justice+Crusader Strike=3 Holy power everything is fine till here. Templar’s Verdict will hit but your Divine Storm will never hit because you will not get enough holy power to cast it even if you have liandrin’s fury ring. After Wake of Ashes you will have 5 holy power but your macro will not going to use Templar’s Verdict or Divine storm because following to Wake of Ashes your macro will try to gather holy power again by casting Blade of Justice+Crusader Strike but you can not have more then 5 holy power so +3 holy power will be wasted. Templar’s Verdict will use 3 Holy power after that but Divine Storm will not hit again because your holy power will not enough again to cast it.
I’ve tried to explain the cycle of rotation for Retribution Paladin for you i hope you get it :wink: :wink:

Thanks for you input, as I said its first time creating a macro so will have a go at editing it and seeing what happens. Thanks again for your input :slight_smile:

Is a good initial attempt though… Keep after it.