Blindside/Mutilate Macro

Hey, long time user here. I’m currently maining rogue and I don’t find that gse macros work with energy based chars (except for monk). I am however stuck though.

I can write a macro to easily do blindside when it procs, however I can’t figure out how to do one to prioritize it to the point where ONLY it and NOT mutilate will proc whenever it’s available. I can write it so that it will do blindside in a cast or two but still is mixing in mutilates. A macro prioritizing blindside completely over mutilate would be great. This would make it spammable once you’re in execute range too and it would force the use of the proc immediately whenever it procs which would be ideal. I know it’s not top for dmg, but it’s being frequently take by pvpers to execute people. Any ideas? I basically want something that does not case mutilate when blindside is castable. That way the check happens game side instead of worrying about procs or health percent?

Hi, the only idea i would have is to use mod. condtion.
Like :

/cast [mod:ctrl] blindside
/cast [nomod:ctrl] Mutilate

This way it would spam Mutilade until you press ctrl.