Blitz Bear


just logged on and started making a new macro. my legion macro was able to do all as a guardian druid. i intend to make a solid BFA macro as well. as of right now i have a usable macro. I will continue to update and tweak this macro as time goes by and post updates should others show interest.

Current talents 2/3/1/X/1/3/1
I purposefully didn’t use war mode talents for testing since not all intend to use war mode (war mode will only make this macro stronger)

In its current state, I’m reaching up to 3 stacks of ironfur at some points (yes the armor stacks) against 2 targets that are not fighting me back (the tank dummy is broke)

This macro uses mods, as a tank, you cant have a true 1 button macro and expect to do amazing at end game content.

For those of you that cant seem to gets mods to work, here is the fix. Open your key bindings > Find an action that has NO bind, seriously any action, make it Stop Auto Run, i don’t care > click it and do Shift + X (X = key that you have your macro set to) then click it again and do Ctrl + X and then click it again and do Alt + X > Finally click it once more and unbind key. MOD KEYS NOW WORK FOR YOU. take advantage of them, they will take your macro to the next level.

Mod: Alt = reapply moonfire. (moonfire will auto apply when starting macro and switching targets)
Mod: Shift = Skull Bash. (interrupts are too important to not map this ability)
Mod: Ctrl = Frenzied Regeneration (i could set this one to auto cast but feel its too important to do so)
I have now ran out of mods so survival instincts and barkskin will need to be applied on their own

i am using a razer mouse with 100ms



Going to try this on my bear as soon as Sargeras comes back up.

Thanks for including how fast you’re firing, most people leave it out.

let me know what you think of it. also open to ideas to make it better.

Is there something I am missing all I see for all the macros is gibberish and not the standard macros I have seen on this site prior to today. Any info would be great :slight_smile:

As promised…

Ran Guardian on a +19 Arcway, parsed within my percentile, had no problems with defenses.

I changed the modifiers around to keys that I used pre-pre-patch, I also swapped out skull-bash for barkskin as I felt it be more appropriate to have it in a modifier along with the others and manually cast skull-bash.

Running m+ is a hard way to determine the overall performance of a macro since the sustainment isn’t the same as a full raid, but I plan on testing in mythic and letting you know how it goes from there…

I also ran your BDK in a couple 20’s and it did extremely well too, good job!

So am I getting it right with your mods, I assign them to spare keys and then unbind them after?

@sankti the newest version updated the way we post our macros. Im not much of a fan of the new way since you cant read through whats in a macro on the site anymore

@Abby great! Im glad to hear it. I didnt think the dk macro would hold up well yet. Was it casting marrowrend too much? I went to bed before doing any testing.

@Julian the reason behind that is to clear out pre existing key binds. For example if you hit shift + 2 at the same time it will change you action bar to action bar #2. So for anyone that uses the #2 key on their keyboard for the macro what will happen is it will give comands to switch to action bar #2 instead of using skull bash or as abby has it, barkskin, when the mod key is used.

By clearing the pre existing key binds out for shift, alt, and ctrl, it will allow mods to work as intended.

To use a mod, simply hold the mod key down while the macro is running and the associated ability will be used. For example should you take a heavy loss of health, you would simply hold down ctrl for approx. 1 second and the macro will use frenzied regeneration to help the healer get you back up to full hp.

Sorry for typos, im typing on my phone right now before starting work