Blood Death Knight 8.3

Hey guys! Been using LazyMacro’s for quite some time now, and decided to take my hand at making my own since i cant find a BDK one that I like or parses well for me. Not entirely sure how to export to here properly, But I hope it works! Test it out and let me know how it works for you, and what could be better, I don’t think I have 100% uptime on Boneshield, idk how to fix that. I also feel like my DPS could be WAY better, I parsed between 13-14k on single target dummy, and around 20k on group of 3 dummies(all in boralus).
My stats are:
439 ILvl
16% Crit
18% Haste
4.5% Vers
43% Mast
7% Avoid

Talents 2221123

This macro contains 1 macro version. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.5.1.

EDIT: Simmed my guy and got 16.3k DPS with no buffs over 5 minutes on 1 target
Parsed it, and got 15.1k over 5 mins, no buffs on 1 target.


what Ms speed you using on your macro

I run all my macros at 35MS, just so I don’t have to change them around tbh. lol

i think many people forget that a tanks most concern is Survivability sure its nice that a tank can dps but it is not nice when he goes down. take my VDH, a lot of people prefer to go dps with it i like too survive and i can live a lot longer then most DH. i never focus on dps with my VDH.

PS: i’ll give your macro a try since i just recently boosted a panda death knight. DK macro right now are not that great atm.

EDIT: i noticed you have Death Caress in the macro, i normally treat that ability as a long range pull just like the warriors heroic throw. i also removed blood drinker since i do not use that talent and replaced it with /castsequence [combat,nochanneling] Marrowrend, Heart Strike