Blood DK 6.0.2

Hey guys these is my first try making a macro so go easy on me. An if someone can maybe help improve it plz do so.

/castsequence Icy Touch,Plague Strike,Blood Boil,Death Strike,Death Coil,Soul Reaper
/castsequence Bone Shield,Dancing Rune Weapon,Empower Rune Weapon

Hey Coley, Always make sure you try out your macro first, then post your results. Another thing that helps if you could also note what talents you use. This often effects how a macro performs. Other then that, I look forward to your contribution.

Hey Tobic, Sry my talents:1,2,3,1,1,1
An i did try out the macro before posting it.( i ran the new UBR & TOT

Hi Toby, Just tried your macro. Keep getting speech bubbles stating what spells I’m doing next.

Sorted it, have to get rid of the space bars at the beginning

Hi Toby, Your code is way better than mine. Thanks for posting it.

Thanks for the macro:-) works good for me

Anyone know what code he is referring to? If its way better then I want to try it too.