Blood Dk 7.3 Healing

I am looking for a bit of help. I am looking to remove my fortitude and Vampiric out of my main macro and have it as a separate macro. Does any one have a good separate healing macro for DK Bloods. Thank You

Since Icebound Fortitude and Vampiric Blood are not on the GCD you can make an ingame macro for it and bind to a seperate key to use when you feel you need to:

/cast [combat][nochanneling] Icebound Fortitude
/cast [combat][nochanneling] Vampiric Blood

Note: [combat] ensures you dont pop it when not in a fight if your like me and accidently click, lol. [nochanneling] you can add or not depending on personal preference. if you leave it in then it wont fire if your channeling any spell, like Blood Drinker.24