So Blood in 8.3, there is little change
I ended reducing the number of tabs to 3 from 1 and should accommodate various builds if using blood drinker, heartbreaker or bone storm, etc.

Added essence use
added Bonestorm to a mod

As before I recommend having marrowrend assigned close by also.
and best to apply marrow 2-3 times at the start of a fight to get bone shield up then macro away
and it should maintain bone stacks. unless in a heavy mele environment where your stacks fall off faster than you can apply.

For extra tuning, you can change the sequence to priority, or adjust loop limits.
this is a balance where you can get more DPS but your survivability and resource management will be at reis as a trade-off.
as it is I’ve tried to keeps it as equal as I can for both

dWdUdaGAscTEqrEjOWBfvVMu0mjfMnsDtLOFPu9nqPCyGDsI9cTBj7h1pjj1WuP(TQgijbdLuQbtmCLWbjP0JPYXivhhuIfss1sbL0IbXYP45u6PiwMuwhjftKuYuvjtwPmDHZtv60Q4YkUoOAJKKSvPkAZuv2UufEginlr6ZiPPjv1ibLQXrv1OLk3vuoPuL2gvX1qI7bkQvss05eXTvsJ64fQOJeTGH6AOAvRfQ0WlKa7d9cKS0llAmupFXce6)3yzf4mVLfWMkc3gZgl(EdlQRk1YIV3WsaGWIolWTdlDdWeqmdqZXKYIV3WsJfqTXcuwGBhwGq))glBMtP5yyvAgBWY7JLOByja0tfS8lIZxwwaMHL6dwwb12jEJ3uwoblhllBJpaC6GL4zPhJXE(IfOi5cqpvyrI(BAPS0sBPT0wAlTHeTgFa40bQOJeYIX1RwOsJYnswcCMVNJXE(YIxOIoEHk6iz3bSbl5QWcAG3XKXsFOnpuqLgs2DaBWsE9S46avn0NIAgluU93VHkqrYUdyd7alWNYnSKxplUoqvd9POMXIzStaZUFfciyHf9ek6(BPS0U9Ka9oLL2TNeO3PS0U9Ka9gv6JKDhWgSKxplUoqvd9POMXs72tcuDuHcs2DaBWsU7xHaIuwQ31bQAOpf1mwOqPbfkQ4bj7oGnyj39Rqarkl176avn0NIAgl9tUB(rfydj7oGnyj39RqarglTepTB)i5YCknNOHqqIg)VqJZ6jqcfKCzoLMtOJqqcmgVABgRfVqfDKS7a2GL81Ftna6iJL(jjj(rLgs2DaBWs(6VPgB3XxKXI6Fn24nRyGeTFBSe4mpEHbsiXSqvWlxC(cjABoV5eErI2MzjWzE8cv0rYUdydwYRNfxhOQH(uuZyrpHIU)gQ0qYUdydwYRNfxhOQH(uuZyPFssIFmqcmgVW6qpa7GxOIos2dGH6etnREzjV(oGznlFBaBzyGbgirTWJU3Gev(DfllNaMqsVUVqcswck4a6ERym9yQ48fQogyGiUsage Information

Macro Version 1

Step Function: Priority

Pre Macro: Death Strike, Marrowrend

KeyPress: Death Strike

Main Sequence: Blooddrinker, Dancing Rune Weapon, Heart Essence, Vampiric Blood, Marrowrend, Heart Strike, Death and Decay, Blood Boil

KeyRelease: Contains various utility functions.

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Not sure if I’m missing something but nothing is firing off. I’m using the current posted beta GSE version and imported your beta macro but all I do is auto attack.

Make sure you have downloaded the latest build for bata. Works alright had to do a lot of adjustments as it as alot of down time with runes.

Great work john. will be joining you in posting macros soon fella levelled quite alot in bata and made some insane macros.

working well for me, havent tank anything xcept mobs

Ok I have converted my blood macros to suit 8.0 changes
when importing it will give you 3 tabs, tab 1 is my classic macro, tab 2 is the blood drinker version, 3rd is my tuned version i personally use which i think it defaults to it

currently using talents 222222

dWdDiaGAsOQ1tcfVuI0BjPxlrmtHsnBK6MKGFHKBJsoSk7eWEH2TI9t5NKO0Wi43enqsidLezWunCjQdsIkpgvhtshheTqqOLQkIfRkSCv1djrXtrSmrwhiyIcLmvqAYa10v6BcfABGQll11bLnku0wjHsBwvuBxOGtJIzPk9zuQNjKrscvUlPmAGmos1jvfPPjHRrOZluTssu1ZfCornwrOiqfjXQuigBLvzJfcKqOirX10LrIcXnp2nBg5y(dAPeS5So(xgm)aR4Hf2gS5pl)MdXyQCM)S8B(EpmVAoSqBoO((7JFFL0)xZFw(npz(nGnpYCyH28h0sjyZb)zMs6VP8)oSMlF28fuB(E09SMllVmYjy(9BZh5AoRBaZSYF8xZzwZzcMdUF(GrVMVsZJH(hyKJ5rib6r3Zgqsv(tVMNEtVP30B6nHKy1pFWOxeicjkhSfK8JeLxcAmxHEvmiHuU5pnwiqsuajkC8VuX2)aJCciueOIqrGksO4xynxLlz94wnZfftrriqcju8lSMRYLSECRM5fzHKoceHek(fwZRzXQEcbkqcf)cR5f5Cwhbercf)cR5QkQm9fV)AMxeLGlIaWrcf)cR5Ic6fjeigrcf)cR51SyvpHa6iHIFH1Crb9IecKrcf)cR5jb45ibeOkGek(fwZvvuz6lE)1mVikbxebQvKqXVWAUYiNamwLxg5Ga1esO4xynxvrLPV49xZ8IOeCreOgHek(f2qdjSE4T51Syvp9AEnlw1tVMxKZzDeOwGek(f2qdjSE4T5f5Cw)1Crb9I0R5jb45iHxZtcWZrciqveju8lSHgsy9WBZRzXQE618Ka8CKWR5Ic6fPxZtcWZrcirjzyv44FjcfxKq2UCmHn8LroiH0qcRNL5OrsPDCL(DiGqrGksO4xynxLLemeo6vZ8ICoRJlsu63kC8VeHIlskTJ)KMUVqJqrGksO27ZU3EAwXnxDKGUplnvW9bwdxCrGecfbQiHIFH1CvUK1JB1mxumffHajKqXVWAUkxY6XTAQJ0CoOBMMMzydbZFqlLGb)zMs6VM5fzHKoceHek(fwZvhP5Cq3mnnZWwZ8AwSQNqGcKqXVWAU6inNd6MPPzg2AMxKZzDeqeju8lSMNeGNJQiaCKqXVWAUQIktFX7VM5frj4IiqmIek(fwZvhP5Cq3mnnZWwZ8AwSQNqaDKqXVWAU6inNd6MPPzg2AMlkOxKqGmsO4xynxDKMZbDZ00mdBnZtcWZrciqvaju8lSHgsy9WBZvhP5Cq3mnnZWwZ8AwSQNEnVMfR6PxZlY5SocuRiHIFHn0qcRhEBU6inNd6MPPzg2AMlkOxKEnpjaphj8AEsaEosabQjKqXVWgAiH1dVnxDKMZbDZ00mdBnZRzXQE618Ka8CKWR5Ic6fPxZlY5SocuJqcf)cR5QJ0CoOBMMMzydbZFqlLGb)zMs6VM5kJCcWyvEzKdsusgwfo(xIqXfjq)mtj9MqiIeY2LJjSHVmYbjKgsy9SmhnskTJR0Vdbekcurcf)cR5QSKGHWrVAMxKZzDCrIs)wHJ)LiuCrsPD8N009fAekcurc1EF292tZkU5QJe09zPPcUpWA4IlceHqrGksO4xynxvrLPV49xZ8IOeCreiHek(fwZvhP5Cq3mnnZWwZCrb9IeceHek(f2qdjSE4T5QJ0CoOBMMMzyRzEnlw1tVMNeGNJeEnpjaphjGafiHIFH1C1rAoh0nttZmS1mpjaphvrarKqXVWAUkxY6XTAMlkMIIqa4iHIFH1CvUK1JB1uhP5Cq3mnnZWgcM)Gwkbd(ZmL0FnZlYcjDKq2UCmHn8LroiH0qcRNL5OrsSLYYXMHfZIerKuAh)jnDFHgHIavKqT3NDV90SIBU6ibDFwAQG7dSgUib6NzkP3ecrKOKmSkC8VeHIlskTJR0Vdbekcurcf)cR5QSKGHWrVAMxKZzDCrIs)wHJ)LiueOIek(fwZvhP5Cq3mnnZWwZ8ICoRJajKqXVWAU6inNd6MPPzg2AMxZIv9eUib6NzkP3kcrCXfjpLlhKGefUb2r)0z7Fm0ZYiheI4IlIaUsage Information
My Legion blood macros adjusted for BFA for tab 1 use heartbreaker, for 2 and 3 use blood drinker
rest of the talent options are not manditory, it is default to version 3

This macro contains 3macro versions. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.3.00.

  • The Default macro is 3
</p> Macro Version 1
Step Function: Sequential

KeyPress: Death Strike

Main Sequence: Heart Strike, Blood Boil, Vampiric Blood, Death Strike, Dancing Rune Weapon, Death and Decay, Marrowrend

KeyRelease: Contains various utility functions.

Macro Version 2
Step Function: Sequential

KeyPress: Death Strike

Main Sequence: Heart Strike, Blood Boil, Death and Decay, Vampiric Blood, Death Strike, Dancing Rune Weapon, Blooddrinker, Marrowrend

KeyRelease: Contains various utility functions.

Macro Version 3
Step Function: Sequential

Pre Macro: Marrowrend, Death Strike

KeyPress: Death Strike

Main Sequence: Dancing Rune Weapon, Blooddrinker, Vampiric Blood, Marrowrend, Heart Strike, Death and Decay, Blood Boil

KeyRelease: Contains various utility functions.

OP macro updated for beta 12 build of GSE. which is also fine for PTR
IF you are getting spell ids and macro not working, then you have updated GSE incorrectly not my macro problem

Dear John, i’m trying to test bfr. but after updating gsse to beta 12 and using your code, the most i can do is auto attacks. i’m sure you’re sick of the QnA but please help


fresh unistall, reinstall. most im grtting is ocasional marrorends

newest gse beta

gse 2.2.08

no other addons

sorry for the spam, bactracked and seen your comment about spell id instead of names. so searched entire pc deleating anything gse, then installe beta 12. everythings great. ty again, great macro

I ddon’t know what’ss going on, but on this site I only see this useless code:
I can’t even see what has changed or added at all.! I can’t even see what / where I can add, change or remove things.
I really don’t like and don’t trust that.

Below is the code I have in my GSSE, which is way more usable and much clearer. But that’s just my humble opinion.

Sequences['My_BloodyDK'] = {
 Talents = "2,1,1,2,1,3,1",
 Help = [[Talents: 2/3,1,1,2,1,3,? (? is whatever you want)]],
 MacroVersions = {
  [1] = {
   StepFunction = "Priority",
    "/castsequence [nochanneling,combat] Vampiric Blood",
    "/castsequence [nochanneling,combat]reset=180 Dancing Rune Weapon",

btw. I use Notepad++ for macros …

Download the new update for GSE, Copy the string and click import on your addon paste it in there and hit okay… Then you can adjust or view the macro.

I have had a few friends having problems with installing the new GSE i would recommend deleting your old GSE and the GSE files with in SavedVariables then installing it again.

This worked for them.

@dr Mengede, There is nothing wrong with the code that is being posted. That is the way it is now with patch 8.0. Things change. Coding now is similar to weakauras. After it is posted in GSE, it changes to words you can read. Just paste the provided code and make changes if you like.

Correct, the reason for this change is the weak aura string enables the addon to import easier and use far less memory, especially for your non-English speaking brothers and sisters.

It sounds like a lot of BDK’s enjoy Rune Strike over HB/BD. Any chance you can make an update to include it? Not sure the best places in the sequence to be putting it to get decent output. Thank you for all the time you put into these!

Got to play around with this a bunch last night. Not super geared, around 220ilvl and generally new to DK. Group was mostly alts as most my friends swapping mains for BfA so we took things kinda slow for learning curve.

That said we ended up clearing a M+ 15 with little difficulty, plus a handful of 12-14s in the process. So far so good :slight_smile: