Blood DK Patch 9.2 Update?

Good day,
will there be an update to Blood Dk for patch 9.2?
Or which macro do you currently use.

Might update my own macro and release it on the site, it all depends on how fun this m+ season will be and how much time i have over…

Oh that would be very nice if you would do that.

I use my blood macro seems to work well so far. But I always use my own macros so my vote does not count.


Good day does anyone have a suitable macro for the blood dk with set of 4 and the changed talents, tombstone and blood transformation?
Or can someone write / rewrite me a suitable macro?

With kind regards


"A macro off the shelf will give you about 40-50% of your potential dps. The next 30 is tuning the macro to your gear and how you play. The last 20 is tuning your macro and how you play to match the regular people you play with. Sadly most people take the 40-50% and are comfortable with that being as good as it gets.

The time involved to tune is insane and as soon as you change a pierce of gear it’s more tuning."

That’s reposted from Tim and I couldn’t have said any better than him.

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Well said :grin:Well, my gear is currently 270 and completely tier set.
Therefore, I wondered if there is Marco, which is built on the T. - set.
It was only nicely ask for me.

That’s what I used last. Very good macro. Good job Elfyous.


so correct me if im wrong…from what you say theres no room for a casual player with these macros…but only the really min/max players that want to be professionals in the game…wow… used to be fun to hit the ball around…and not have to be a pro baseball player to have fun… didnt realize the game was designed for the elite like that… or the web site… thanks for the info.

no that is incorrect. i am a casual player that uses these macros for every class and spec. i dont do anything that would be considered elite status, but alot of these macros make me look elite when i play with others. there was nothing in what @Deezyl_Fizzlepop said that makes it sound like Macros, this site or the game is designed for the elite.

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I am a casual player but even casual players like to see improvement whether through encouragement through others or just being simply a better player by seeing others being better around someone.

I quoted Tim as he has said this multiple times about macros. It’s just the simple, plain truth and I’ll break it down: when making a macro you are using your own character. Your stats, playstyle, class, game lag, knowledge about your character, game and macro making, how GSE works, etc. are your own and different-not mine or anyone else’s. So a macro will behave differently for each individual.

Since I like sports and am an old fart I’ll give an example: If I were to wear Michael Jordan’s basket ball uniform and use the same ball will I get similar results in playing the game? Most likely not.

Being better at something and being an elitist at something are two vastly different things.

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i guess statements are taken in context different ways… all i know is i have read lots of advice on how the macros work…i for one, find both favor and construction in my ability to use the wonderful macros the developers have come up with…i have 14 toons all various builds and classes … so i have tried a lot of these macros by much more talented people than I. I always felt this site was a self help site for people that dont have the expertise, which i respect very much, in programing and code. However, i see a lot of that is answered with,‘change it around and play with it if its not working for you’ and i dont feel thats conducive to assistance, as i do not have the expertise to FIX what nots working let alone where to start… its like advising someone to tear the motor apart if the car isnt running and they have no mechanical experience. Having done that with my first car, let me tell ya… it dont work!!. I even laid the parts out on the floor as i took them off. lol … I respect the programmers that make these macros very much and i am no denigrating them in any way… I am merely stating that your advice can be somewhat misconstrued by the way you present it. …have a great day. cheers.

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Nobody on here can make a custom macro for anyone because they don’t have their character (but they might if gear and stats are very similar) so the some of the replies are ‘change it around and play with it if its not working for you’ is only what their gonna get.

My response was not totally directed at you as more of a general statement to others that see a title of a DPS macro doing “xxx damage” and “xxx close to their Sim” and wonder why it’s not close to the same-“it’s not casting xxx fast enough” or “xxx is not proccing” then the macro creator has to guess on where to put spells/abilities or take out xxx.

Making a macros is easy but fine-tuning it to your desired results takes a long time-not to mention when there are big upgrades to gear then you kinda have to start all over again if there’s min/maxing involved.

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