Blood DK Pre Patch lvl 70 - Toxin 9/8 update

Which Spec is the one with the good Parsing? In your Screenshot of Details, you use Heart Strike, which is not included in the Talents above, but in leveling talents.
Can u pls tell me, what talents you used while parsing?

Greetings and thanks alot for your work <3

Make sure you edit all the spells…easy to just remove each rank and it will change to the rank you have learned.

the higher dmg will be the leveling build of course. Think it even says higher dmg

OK— im confused
so at 70-- which is the on that will do the best dps? especially in pvp

the leveling one int he middle of this string, or the very top most one?

You can tell from the talents man…The top one is Raiding for better survivability
The leveling one with Dancing rune weap

That is what I ran when I hit 70 and parsed high as blood in Frost presence.

There are many way to increase dmg as blood…but top one is more towards tanking…like going into sunwell. Guess I should of just made 2 separate threads lol

Sorry for the super noob question. First time using lazy macros or GSE. Every time I go into the macro to change the ranks of the abilities (or even remove them) it reverts back to what it was before. Am I missing something?

the macro doesnt reapply diseases.
the block you have devoted to that doesnt repeat in the macro

Can you check if you are hitting save :)?

you have the glyph? I can sit on a target dummy for 10min and the diseases never fall off as stated above.

/castsequence [combat, nochanneling] reset=target Death Strike(Rank 3), Pestilence, Icy Touch(Rank 3)

This block resets after last icy…then ds then pest(refreshes diseases). It has nothing at the end to block the macro

im not sure why-- the beginning of the macro will apply the diseases, but as the progression continues, it doesnt keep reapplying them.

i do run disease glyph as well

btw is the macro in red in some blocks its literally say blahblah-- what is that

blahblah, lol that is just my thing hahaha…breaks the sequence so it wont reset unless a new target. If ya look at my retail macros has the same thing

You running the top one or the leveling one? Top one will keep using icy(for threat) and pestilence after death strike. Now if your PS misses (at start)you will have to reapply manually.
I run at 200ms fwiw

200ms is what on a razor?

I don’t get this - as your talent tree doesn’t have dancing rune weapon but it is in the macro here?
I’m looking at your leveling build for higher DPS comment.

man, im just going to delete the leveling macro…it’s causing way to much confusion. I dont get it…

planning to update it for level 80 ? :slight_smile: would be awesome :slight_smile: