Blood DK, Solo BF


Usage Information

Open with Icy Touch, Plague Strike, then run Macro

Required Glyph: Disease
Required Talent: Epidemic (2pts) this will keep your diseases from falling off.

This macro contains 1 macro template. This Sequence was exported from GSE 3.1.03.

Im going to need to try this

tried this out, speced for the ability and got the glyph…

something might be wrong as it only uses like 2 abilities and theres a “?” for some of them and it just lets you die.

lets try to trouble shoot this. anything your forgetting Rock?

well he has ds and coil in there and pest, Heartstrike, heartstrike in a cast seq reset combat… reset by target would be better imo…

Could also easily add icy and ps

I might release mine this weekend…im 70 and grinding out gear

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It might have something to do with the ranks, check those. let me know if that is the problem.

i would do target instead of combat, however, if you cast pestilence then the target dies, it will cast pestilence again refreshing way to early. i found this will refresh about on time. also, once 68 i replaced death coil with rune strike.

If you check out the wow head and private server people on reddit that have been playing WOTK for a very long time, they do not talent Heart Strike. They state there is no point as you have blood strike and the talent points are better spent on Frost to get the raid wide haste buff.

While I understand you enjoy spec’ing into it, that’s fine, but don’t go on other threads claiming it is incorrect to not have it.

Im not claiming anything…this was for LEVELING…and hate to break it to ya a lot of the stuff on private servers are not the same as Classic wotlk. I dont care about buffing a raid while leveling and this is a leveling macro. Doing things for more dmg while leveling is always a thing…
Now go and make your first macro and post it up

Pretty sure you posted kara details in another post? Or are you referring to the 70-80 levelling? Apologies if I misread that. I would, but still tweaking mine.

This is just what I used leveling 60-70 in BF. of course 70-80 is way different, I took heart strike because it hits 2 targets, which means mobs die faster while you are soloing content, and you don’t have enough points to go anywhere in frost yet. Once I start leveling I might post a new one from 70-80