Bloodsplat 8.3 24/7/20

After getting some problems with most macro’s available here, i figured i should make my own macro to fit my style. I have the issue where macro’s just stop working mid dungeon or raid and i need a reboot. I think some of them have compatability issues. Therefor i made my own macro and i have no problems running it.

the macro uses a basic rotation which works perfect. The only thing u need to configure is your cooldowns. I have them all configure on a seperate button. This is a semi lazy macro, so you still have to time your big cd’s and you also have to decide what cd u use.

I am leveling a vulpera that’s why i got the racial in my premacro, you can change it to your racial.

here is the macro:


I tested various ms values 10-80 they all work perfect.

Have fun

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the reason your game is getting locked up is because of the heart essence in the macro, when you are not level 120 with essence unlock, it like’s too lock up the action bar. like you said, you have to restart wow to fix it. its a easy fix just by removing the heart essence from the macro.

well thank you very much for this info, i didn’t know that

you are very welcome