bm at 100% dps pure

after test tests on all the macro tests here on the forum, precise (the tests were not done on the training manikin, but on the bosses of antorus garothi, or on world boss), I noticed that to really have a remarkable dps at levels high, often they are 100% of the sim or down there, you have to keep the coldow out of the macros.
I for example playing orc hunter bm, I have the racial damage increase, and I set macro aspect of the wild + racial, plus I separated the bestial wrath cd so as to pull it at the right time.this way the macro makes it to the top because the cd buff open them to the top of damage.
it is true that having them in macro is more comfortable, but it is also true that unfortunately or they often jump or not they are pulled or blocked.
I am currently using 2 macro here that seem to me the best.



I find them quite accurate well or bad even with the barbed shot buff, I still hope for a better update with any macro written without the CDs to have smoother rotation at the top, thanks to everyone for the work done up to now and so on bfs.

i have no idea on what you just said on the above posts but if i get time i will try the macros out and come back to you

Where do I put the codes?

You import them into GSSE.

  1. copy the code that’s in the OP
  2. Open GSSE in game (type /GSSE)
  3. press the ‘Import’ button
  4. paste the code
  5. press ‘Import’, and the macro should appear on the list

I just need to do GnomeSequencer?

GSSE = GnomeSequencer?


[quote quote=63303]I just need to do GnomeSequencer?
GSSE = GnomeSequencer?

Yes bud, it’s available from Curse.

So after importing them I see that Bestial Wrath is in both of the macros. Maybe I am not understanding what you are stating here. Plus both macro’s you have I see one is for Chimera Shot and the other you state will work but best with OwtP. So can you help me understand which one you use and how you handle the BW and Blood Fury. Thank you for your time on these as well just want to make sure I wasn’t seeing something different.

yes in the macros there are the cd, but if you really want it to work well keep them off macro and do them manually. For example, I use the macro with a basic rotation, and the so-called bestial wrath aspect of the wild and racial ogre blood fury l projections manually with other macros.
the meaning of my post was to say that gse is a fantastic addon for those looking to have the most simplified game possible in expectation game for causes related physical and other problems, but it is also a fabulous addon if used fairly with a precise sense of what he must do in a pure end game optics. I make a trivial example.
I play hunter beast mastery ok, in macro it will never make sense to put intimidation of the pet to stunned, i nquanto the macro will perform ostun automatically random, while instead the stun of the pet should be used appropriately at specific times or where it is considered to be more efficient, and this is where my speech comes into play, simplicity + real accuracy = 100% pure play at high level raid pvp etc. I hope I have been as clear as possible.
note: I still hope to see improved macros regarding the dps and in general an even better gse in many respects.

ok then I noticed a huge problem at the moment, I’m trying a personal macro, but I see that this geese should not do it and skip the spell without any sense. my macro example is
priority list = the spells should be written with the priority that you want to use the spells that you think are most useful and effective.
/ cast barbed shot
/ cast chimera shot
/ castsequence kill command, cobra shot, cobra shot
then explain how the macro is written with priority spell, the macro should always go to use and fixed shooting as a priority in order to keep it up to 100% as possible, as well as chimera shot, once finished the global coldow of pull it instant.
instead I see that the priorty list does not work and continuously skips the spell.

Thanks, but why is it written like that?

Is it just me or can no one understand anything this guy types?

Ok, After testing purely on ST raid dummies I pulled 2.9/3.1 over 5 mins unbuffed, arg and argus I pulled 3.3 roughly. That’s a little low compared to others I use, but it DOES seem smooth. I can pull 3.5 on raid dummy with same setup but my current script I edited from a prior one. Good smooth casts though.

I want to apologize if as I read you can not understand what I mean, I am Italian and I do not speak English so I must necessarily use English text software programs.

Having said that, I am just saying that at present
addon does not go as it should.
skip the spells skips the sequences . i hope there is an update for bfa and you return to having a precise addon for what it should be