BM Hunter All in one

Talents 2212212

This macro contains 1 macro version. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.5.8.

Talents 2212212

This macro contains 1 macro version. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.5.8.

Not really sure how to post macros so hope this works. Have been using this for Mythic plus and Mythic raids. Import both macros. Hold down Ctrl for AoE. Get 100k dps single target and 130k dps AoE on dummies.

why you posting other peoples work as your own?

why are you saying that for what makes you think its not his work ???

I already have both of those in my /gs que

and the COBRA one just came around not too long ago…should be an easy find if you look for it

you may have copyed the macro b4
everyone is using cobra macro now

The BM macro has been out for a long time…they just added the traps thing to the Keypress and /COBRA…still not their work

WHat is ur gear lvl to get 100k? I am 460 and only getting about 40k on dummy…with a 70ms

No54A2 Please link anyone else with the same macro as me. If someone else had one I would not of shared this one. And will happily delete it. I couldn’t care less about credit. I posted this because for me it does significantly more dps than any other macro on here. Any credit for this macro belongs to every single person that has ever shared one, not just hunter ones.

If there was another macro that cut out cobra shot and kill command but kept barbed shot, bestial wrath and AOTW while multi shotting with 1 key press i certainly have not found it.

Gear level is 474 with 55 corruption all severe or expedient.

really?..a macro that cuts out Cobra shot…how about the macro you copied from Celadia on Discord…“Deadly Hunters Camp” under the header " #owtp-bm-mar-16-2020 "???

The sub-macro Celadia calls “BM-Cobra” is the exact same macro…so yes, you stole it, its not yours

here it is…

Sub Macro

Patch Ver: 8.3
Date Released: March 18,2020

–Start Copy Below–


–End Copy Above–

Seriously ? I do not have the slightest clue what you are talking about, I didn’t even know there was a discord with macros. Mayby if you checked you would see its not the same macro.

The macro you linked does not stop cobra shot being cast while you are multi shotting.

/cast [combat] Cobra Shot
/click pause 1
/cast [combat] Cobra Shot

Yes the macros are similar i dont really see how they wouldnt be considering we are trying to do the same thing.

/cast [nomod] Cobra Shot
/click pause 1
/cast [nomod] Cobra Shot

All i was trying to do was share something that works really well for me. Instead i get people like you talking complete rubbish and making complete nonsense accusations. Half the macros on here are called ST, AOE, BMST etc etc you think I should make a macro for Cobra shot and call it Typhoon ? Get a grip. But dont worry I will be deleting my post and not bothering to share any other macros.

The one helpful thing you have contributed to this is telling me about the hunter discord. Maybe you should try sticking to helping people instead of criticizing them.

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