BM hunter HP macro

My HP macros dont work anymore. Will it be fixet?

It will not! The changes that Blizzard made to the global cool downs, are too vast, and broke every macros in the High Performance plug-in. Also lot of the Authors of the macros in it no longer play, and they are the ones that will need to update their individual macros. Lastly due to the major changes that he had make to the addon, and the need to fix any problems with it; TimothyLuke has decided not to update the basic plug-in.

You will be better off deleting the plug-in, and downloading the current individual addons that you want from the WLM website and/or Discord.

Edit: That is not to say that someday there might be a New replacement for it. Just not now. Also if someone wants to make a plug-in of a collection of macros. I am sure TimothyLuke would be happy to provide a link to it, in his Curse and WoWhead download pages.

Thanks a lot. Clearing up a lot for me :slight_smile: I’m still using the all in one HP addon for my shadow priest. Havent testing it very mutch.