BM Hunter macros bug out my character to where i cannot use anything anymore

Hello people, sometimes when i use any BM macros my character just bugs out, weirdly it happens to any macro but only on BM spec. I don’t know what i do wrong it happens randomly sometimes i can play with the macro for hours and nothing happens and sometimes it just breaks and i have to close the game completely and restart it in order to use anything again. When this happens i cannot autohit / mount or use spells/trinkets etc. the only thing i can do is send my pets out to autohit thats it. I have absolutely no idea why or how this works does anyone got an idea on why this could happen?

Thanks alot<3

I have the same problem sometimes gse jumps without any sense. indeed m ista happening as well to make macros work then after they don’t work anymore is a mystery . I don’t know why addon has a tantrum

@Sessy what lvl are you and is there a /use Heart of Azeroth in your macro? If you don’t have the neck and it is in the macro, it is known to do that!

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glad you got to this. i was about to reply with the same questions and info. thank you


This is the macro in the Variables it says “Checks to see if you have a heart of azeroth equipped and if so will insert “/cast heart essence” into the macro. if not your macro will skip this line.” im currently level 40

Replace the first line of the PreMacro from /cast Heart Essence to ~~HE~~ The variable won’t work if you don’t use it.

Your macro game client is locking because you don’t have a Heart of Azeroth and you are trying to cast a spell that depends on you having one.

Also as you have a loop limit of 1 having a premacro and PostMacro are as useful as a fart in an elevator. May as well copy those lines into the top and bottom respectively of the sequence box as effectively that is where they are.


Thank you very much for the quick help