BM Hunter - OWTP - 8.2


Hello Fellow Hunters!!

This is my first Macro. Let me know what you all think.

Talents: 12X3X11
Essences: Major:Condensed Life-Force, Minor:Focusing Iris, Crucible of Flame

/cast [mod:ctrl] Spirit Shock
/cast [mod:shift] Multi-Shot
/cast [mod:alt] Exhilaration

Single Target:



Well,just tested it on dummy. 422 ilevel, 40ms over 2min. 26k avrage st. It looks and feel smooth.Congrats so far man :slight_smile:

this macro looks good i will do some more testing tomorrow once im bck from work plus it keeps the 3 stacks up will post bck later thanks for the up of the macro keep up good work

hey i noticed the last line in your code has a typo. It says “/castAspect of the wild” <- no space after /cast. Other then that, i am having good luck with it. I like to import other’s macros and try to tweak it to perfect it for my gear hehe.

Macro Updated - Thanks for the fyi.

Really nice. Getting 33k dps (50k initial burst) on 120 target dummy in orgrimmar. greater flask, warscroll battle shout, and augment rune, food buff. gs 435. 100ms macro.

update: changed to 200ms I think it’s a little better. might try go higher. thrill of the hunt gives about 34-35k steady but less burst

by far best one ive tried. thank you

is there a way to comment out lines. my focused essence beam fires for half a second then cancels itself

just put – before the line should stop it from fireing off but on the other hand i dont have Iris in the macro cuz of that its a 2 stage channel the split part before the 2nd stage it will cancel it im still trying to test it, so i use a macro setup on my mouse to trigger it once its of cooldown which stops the other macro going off and fires the iris then goes back to the main macro, also helps you have rank 3 alows you to move while its channeling both stages

Is there a way to spam the macro, but prevent the macro from skipping steps. So it will have to fully execute each step 1 by 1. right now when I spam the button, it will skip spells it cant cast (global cooldowns, etc)

whats your macro for doing this and would you like to share it Thank you

all you need to do is put focused essence beam on a mod key and keep it pressed till it finishes the cast its that simple