BM Hunter ST Problems

Hey all I love GSE like a son and i main a hunter but BM macros don’t seem to be cutting the mustard and I wanted to ask people if they have the same problem? I’m 443ilvl and if i go survival with Gramps the st and aoe are fantastic and Elfs MM is working great st and aoe.

For some reason though most peeps are getting 120kdps in raids with BM and i cant get more than 60k single target with any macro here. I was hoping for some tips or some other hunters experiences.

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i’m getting 110k in my raids. with Guapanda’s BM.

BM relies heavily on keeping frenzy at 3 stacks or as close to 100% uptime as possible, this requires delaying barbed shot (and managing it around bestial wrath if you are using the meta talent Scent of Blood), Guapanda’s is gets close to achieving this (You can grab talents from Icy or Wowhead), however I haven’t see any macro that will reach 80% of SIM.

I hope this helps!

Hey Blah2sr thanks, i reloaded Guapanda’s BM and got a tracker for frenzy to keep an eye on it.

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ScaryLarryGames’ macro is the best I’ve noticed for me. I made a few slight adjustments to meet my personal needs and it runs like a dream.

Thanks for the feedback. I tried Larry’s but the frenzy uptime and st dps was considerably lower than Gramps for me :slight_smile:

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what is your haste/crit/mast?

Trying different macros won’t solve the issue you are facing. Grabbing anyone’s macro from here should give you around 50-60% of your simmed DPS. To get the remainder you need to edit and tune the macro. It means dealing with things like barbed stacks and adjusting how the macro is setup to achieve this. It also means that this tuning is an ongoing process. You will need to return every time your haste changes.

How do you tune a macro?
Step 1 hit a target dummy for two minutes
Step 2 make one change
Step 3 re hit a target dummy for two minutes and compare. If there is an improvement then keep the change otherwise revert the change and return to step 1.
Step 4 finish once you are at a point where your dps is similar to what is simmed.

Note: this will take HOURS to do the first time. There is no “quick win”. You want the results you need to do the work.

Note 2: if it doesn’t work for you and the way you play it doesn’t matter how good the starting macro is, it needs to work for you.

You will find that some things need to be manually controlled outside the macro and by weaving that with your macro you will be able to achieve what you are after.

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very right TimothyLuke explained to you how macros should be done. I myself creator of macros for years now I have found myself in “posting macros”, many have found themselves well and others have had to modify or change some things. it is also enough to have a different stat to see your pg react differently.
like he said tym go in front of the dummies and test everything you can.
as for tito barbed wire, there is no current macro i ng able to get you 3 fixed stacks is almost impossible. the macro will allow you to spell inn a great way but it will still be 70% as good as you could do it manually.
you can try to get as close as possible with different timings, but to be 100% accurate you will necessarily have to use it outside
practical example:
barbed shot cast-9 seconds of coldow-recast to 2-3 seconds to increase staches up to 3 . the macro will never be able to calculate the timing, it will only give you input to use it when it is available.
one thing I noticed in all the macros is also this: I use barbed shot only on the selected target, here it should actually be spread to all the mobs in aoe situation as much as possible, which is not easy to achieve.

Crit 40%, Haste 36%, Mast 26%. That’s unbuffed and with agility trinkets

Yer fair call, I was just asking peoples opinion to see if someone was having better luck as the survival and MM macro are working well as far as you can compete with others but the BM not so much. It seems it’s a frenzy/barb issue.

Ill play around with maybe doing barb manually and see if that makes any difference. Thanks for the advice.

38-40% crit is ideal. You’re haste is too high at 36%. Your mastery needs to be doubled what you have. This should see a major increased in damage for you. My hunter is currently 39% crit, 29% haste, 52% mastery and I top the damage meters in high mythic 16+ keys consistently in both AoE and ST. Try to fine tune your stats and see how you perform with higher mastery.

Arghh ok i always thought it was haste crit based, I’ll try retune for more mastery and see if that helps. Thanks heaps

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Hey Legion,

Thanks heaps i re crafted to 39% Crit 26% Haste and 51% Mastery and the dps is where i expected it to be now for BM. Thanks again :slight_smile:

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