BM leveling Macro

Hey peeps

This is the macro I’m currently using for leveling.
It is doing what i need it to so though it might be helpful for some of you guys.

I’m using the Icy-veins leveling build guide as a basis for it.

dqeUhaWikH(KsqVsvk1Sis3sv0UuI6xu0XOGLrP4zkPAAQs11GuABkb(gfsnovP4CuO06OqX8uI4EuknqLiDqj0cvc5HQctKcjxKcrBKsWhHumsLeNKcvRKkQxsjAMui4MuHDsudLsAPkP8uPMQs1wPI8wQK7sLAVO(lfcnyrhwLfReQhtQjteUmYMjI(SenAi50QQxdPA2u1TvsA3K8BfdhIJRkz5eEouthCDjTDkvFxPCEjy9Qsj7xy2aVZYg4(XkfDyexKdw2gEN7vipI)RqNBuaGGngtZTTTL)6cpTtFfEz9SQ52S9u7pm(Rn1(dJ)6NOQkGep9KDY)vLplRFjiU3ppPam3pmcf724p42XPfJtKa)hfM3zzd8olBGBt9Hbm9QsknfzKcctGTWjkjiYiBsGqkiYg(QsPrwSctKnQbKgPQ69CBDWGJtlgENbUTKkyvqymVZYg42IyuZgmJh(iSSnCBIHtahaNgDg42sQWAKNomX7mWTvb540IH3zG7gieluvA4pkUB6vLuW)8mWY2W7SSbUn1hgW0RkP0uKrkimb2cNOKGiJSjbcPGiB4RkLgzrH(uuKnQbKgzXkmr2OgqAKQQ3ZT1bdooTy4Dg42sQGvbHX8olBGBlIrnBWmE4JWY2WTjgobCaCA0zG7gieluvA4pkUB6vLuW)8CBvqooTy4Dw2a3M6ddy6vLuAkYifeMaBHtusqKrUsvbKyH4iDCc0LgPQ69mWTLuH1ipDyI3zGbwEDENLnWTP(WaMEvjLMImsbHjWw4eLeezKnjqifezdFvP0ilk0NIISrnG0ilk0NIISrnG0ilk0NIISrna3whm440IH3zGBlPcwfegZ7SSbUTig1SbZ4HpclBd3My4eWbWPrNLxNBtecoaon6S87CBQpmePl1GqG7iFCEFKwjGLrl3M6ddr6APieivc6KWTl1GqG7ixJS)TtrALawEbCBIqWvHrFyyur6Qumve3r(y2iblB0CBIqWvHrFyyur6snLIPI4os0iMnpl)gUnri4QWOpmmskzKUutPyQiUJ8XSrcw2y52eHGRcJ(WWiPKr6Qumve3rIgXS5zG7gieluvA4pkUB6vLuW)8CBvqooTy4Dw2a3M6ddy6vLuAkYifeMaBHtusqKrUsvbKyH4iDCc0Lg5JrPRy83ofzJAaPrQQEpdCBjvynYthM4DgyGLFN3zzdCBQpmGPxvsPPiJuqycSforjbrgztcesbr2WxvknYIc9POiBudinYIc9POiBudinYIc9POiBudWT1bdooTy4Dg42sQGvbHX8olBGBlIrnBWmE4JWY2WTjgobCaCA0z5152eHGdGtJol)o3M6ddr6snie4oYhN3hPvcyz0YTP(WqKUwkcbsLGojC7snie4oY1i7F7uKwjGLxa3MieCvy0hggvKUkftfXDKpMnsWYgn3MieCvy0hggvKUutPyQiUJenIzZZYVHBtecUkm6ddJKsgPl1ukMkI7iFmBKGLnwUnri4QWOpmmskzKUkftfXDKOrmBEg4UbcXcvLg(JI7MEvjf8pp3wfKJtlgENLnWTP(WaMEvjLMImsbHjWw4eLeezKRuvajwioshNaDPrw8VkjrKnQbKgPQ69mWTLuH1ipDyI3zGbg4gnTr6ejW)rXTnl)(Ygql3oov98gxbKWoPG)O4fX9kKhH7fv)EjICXhMKiYrfPX1fE60Nu4i9KDY)vLrww)sqHZOaabBmMMBBBl)1fEAN(k8Y6zvZTz7P2Fy8xBQ9hg)1prvvajE6j7K)RkFww)sqHZHZoziYL4T7JCbHZoztKlXB3h5BcNDA9ixI3Ups0AiC2P3J0B3hjAn82HZCBKkjhHMEmRICWT4V)df4fZDJqAJBuS86CBuKKx1dS86CxScOgb3pqDRoQLUnB(7TkS6PfdMbgygaUsage Information
Build based on Icy-Viens leveling guide

V1 <lvl 6
V2 <lvl 8
V3 <lvl 51
V4 lvl 51+

This macro contains 4 macro versions based on character level. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.4.15.

do we run it with a keyspammer? at what ms?

ive tried one that works ok at 940 and other at 70ms

With this one I don’t spam it.

First press sends in pet and casts hunters mark.
Second press casts serpent sting.
From there I allow auto shot to fire and press the macro between auto shots.

This worked great until i was 10, now it spams serpent sting and doesn’t fire arcane shot

I mean your rotation until you talent Aimed Shot is
Auto Shot > Arcane Shot > Auto Shot > Multi-Shot(if you’re in aoe) > Auto Shot
over and over, this isnt a spam macro, its a push it one at a time kind, when your Auto Shot is “charging” you Arcane Shot, and then just Auto Shot the mob down

so level 10 should just be like, 1 to open, 1 for Serpent Sting, Auto Shot, 1 for Arcane Shot and then just Auto Shot and the mob should be dead at that point

All that said, this macro works just as it needs to, so good job on it

Thanks. I am using it. Level 25 currently and its fine. I found another routine for melee, but would like a really good melee routine.

I took the liberty to remove the line where you disable growl in groups since I usually group in questing zones where there is no dedicated tank. I agree it could be useful when you often do dungeons or raids.

would be awesome if you could make a melee lvling macro

Fantastic macro, thanks!

Is there a way to get autoshot to go before casting a spell as the opening? Like how it (usually) casts hunters mark, and sends the pet in, is there a way to get it too auto shot then? seems like i draw my weapons, not my ranged item.

I thought it was always better to lead with an auto shot, then a spell…

got it mostly with /cast !Auto Shot in the first box, but the timing is a little weird, would like it to send pet, cast mark, then auto attack to give the pet some time to get there.

how do you change versions as you raise your lvl?

Think theres an option on the first page to select what page you want to use if its not defaulting to the right page.

For me I cast Hunter’s mark, and send the pet in. I found I had to pause until the pet had attacked and turned the target to him, then I would shoot and then auto shot would begin. If I did not pause I would compete with the pet for target attention and would be soon into a melee situation. I purchased the “growl” from the trainer so the pet’s ability to maintain control is improved. The only time that first shot is a problem is if I am attacking a target higher than my level as the pet can’t hold the target.

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