Boom Boom Ciao! To try and feedback (Updated 2019-08-16)


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This is really really good. In pvp have been top of the charts. Do you have any affinity macros for guardian or feral?

Thank’s for the feedback

I posted a macro for guardian, but not as good as I would like to ‘‘Easy Bear’’… I’ll post a 2nd version of it soon.

For feral, is more complicated to deal with energy and combo points… I have one but not ready to post yet.

I just put a bear macro, ‘‘EASY BEAR V2.0’’

I can hold on a tank dummy until 70% of increased damage before I must leave the fight, without any defensive cooldown.

On real situation,
I can tank 6-8 normal mobs at once without using defensive cooldowns.
No problems soloing rares.

Manual pressing or ahk?

Work good between 75 ms to 125ms

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