Boomkin PvP

Is it possible for anyone to make a boomkin PvP macro, just finished leveling my druid and Balance really intrigues me, any help would be greatly appreciated.

/castsequence reset=0.3 0,0,Starfall
/castsequence [mod] solar beam;reset=0.3 0,Starsurge
/castsequence reset=target moonfire,sunfire
/cast [combat] Force of nature
/cast [combat] Barkskin
/cast [combat] Nature’s Vigil
/cast [combat] Berserking
/cast [combat] Lifeblood
/use 10
/use 13
/use 14

this is a helter skelter “run and gun” pvp macro i posted a while back… the meat of it is dots and dot quickening with starsurge spam and starfall on eclipse states while locking down targets with roots from force of nature and solar beam on a mod for those pesky mages and Spriests when you root them as well as a shield and healing for the melee that manage close the gap, its been tested extensively and the last time i used it i went 6v1 and won against Ordos+ geared players while being in 496 timeless gear with a 450 staff.

heres the Armory page

Using your macro and it works great! Hope you post one for the upcoming patch. Thanks!

What do you mean with this?

/use 10 /use 13 /use 14

and i think your using a troll with alchemy?
if i leave these lines out of them, does it still work sufficiently?

synapse spring from gloves
trinket 1
trinket 2
i put zerking and lifeblood in there as most are trolls due to minmaxing but yes if taken out they will work as a matter of fact i’d recommend making a burst macro and keeping it away from any 1 button macro because you never know when you’ll need that extra output.

Can this macro be updated for 6.0.3?