Borland1891_Devastation_ST&AOE (Update 9th of July-23)

This macro is a development from @nTx fantastic macro.
I have Fire Breath and Eternity Surge shooting of auto and pretty good on the test dummy. This version is redone alot compared to the one that is on NtX macro page.
This is ST and AOE and it feels ok but please test and review.
For best performance is this not best to have auto of Eternity Surge. Seems impossible to get it to shoot of more than 1 tic sadly.

I use these talents:

I use macro at 50ms

Tested in M+5 dung and with 409 ilevel.





This macro contains 1 macro template. This Sequence was exported from GSE 3.1.38-PatronBuild.




This macro contains 1 macro template. This Sequence was exported from GSE 3.1.38-PatronBuild.


Good so far for me, Just came back to retail and tried out Elfyau’s (always great macros) and this one. I like this one as there is some nice burst at the start and lvls out higher than I was getting with Elfyau’s. Keep up the good work :slight_smile:

why is there so little use of disintergrate
3mil damage on your most used single target ability seems awfully low

Possible the screenshot is from a M+ so should never really use [Disintegrate] check out the ST version on a Single target and see if it cast more. But I believe this is correct use for M+ is AOE version so it should not even cast as much as it is in the screenshot

finally working evoker macro thanks for that

This works fantastic, thank you so much.
ST does seem to stick for me sometimes, but AOE is chef kiss

hi @Borland1891_2325 the macro tends to block cyclically, stays still for 2 to 4 seconds and then starts again.
AOE works much better but sometimes behaves like the ST.
i have tried MS verses, but the hang always happens.
thanks anyway for the wonderful work

Hi @Urpalscout
Screenshot is from AoE macro and i used disintegrate only on single target bosses.

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Going to check the ST with the hang ups. Been on holliday for 8 days so now im pumped again :slight_smile:

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Hi. Just updated the ST macro and i did not get any lock ups. Problem was it wanted to cast Disintegrate when no essence where availeble. Test it out and let me now how it works for you now @edayn .

I updated the main post with new ST and i can show what i got on test dummy with just letting the macro go and dont push anything else. i Have no set bonus yet so im interessted how it looks for you guys that have good gear.

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mate i don’t know what you changed but now the macros work great.
Both ST and AOE
I tried them at 50ms and 70ms, with 2tset and 412ilvl, for now I’ve only done m+10 but with excellent results.
Thank you very much.

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I changed so it didnt go empty on the Essence, Disintegrate did stop the macro when trying cast before. Noticed that error when i tested on the dummy.
Glad it works good now :slight_smile:

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anyone know to to make it so it wont interrupt your spells

What is interupting?

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this macro is amazing for devo best ive used bravo. just notice sometimes disintegrate gets interrupted and 1 to 2 ticks of flame and surge. just wonder if there is a command to stop interrupt of spells once casting

This Devo is hard to macro the Flame Breath and Surge. Mostly 1 tick is all the time but sometimes it gets a 2 tick. What that is interupting Disintegrate i have to check if i missed something but will do that when wow is live again, reset here in Sweden atm.

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Ive seen posts before about theres a certain way to make it not interrupt casts as they are being channeled just cant find what post on here it was

says talents out of date. probably cause new update lol totally reset my tree and stuff mixed all around

Take the talent code and put it in the talent calculator on wowhead and you will get an updated talent code you can use.

well never mind when I try that I get an error. I guess the talent code is bad. This is the error I get when I put it in wowhead talent calculator- TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘points’).