Borland1891_Surv_PvP (2023-11-17)

Hi all
I have tested alot with many different ways for this Survival but this is what i have found is the absolute best for me.
This is what i use in Solo Shuffle Arena and got me pass 1800 in Season2.



Usage Information

Tab1 is with PvP talent Sticky Tar Bomb.
Tab2 is without Sticky Tar Bomb

This macro contains 2 macro templates. This Sequence was exported from GSE 3.1.43-PatronBuild.

  • The Default macro template is 1
  • PVP uses template 1
  • Arenas use template 1
  • Raids use template 2
  • Normal Dungeons use template 2
  • Heroic Dungeons use template 2
  • Mythic Dungeons use template 2
  • Timewalking Dungeons use template 2
  • Mythic+ Dungeons use template 2
  • Open World Parties use template 2
  • Scenarios use template 2

My race is Orc so i built in Blood Fury, if you have anything else and want it to pop just swap it out to that spell you have or just delete line if you dont want it to pop auto.

My pvp talents i use are: Chimaeral Sting, Sticky Tar Bomb and Survival Instincts.
All defensiv i use on my own and all traps on keybinds with @cursor.
I also use my way with Alt1, Shift1 and Ctrl1 as i do on all my macros.
Alt1 i have Kill Shot to use when player is low or when Coordinated Assault is active.
Shift1 i have @mouseover with Roar of Sacrifice
Ctrl1 i have @mouseover with Scatter Shot.
I spam macro on key1 and at 100ms with my Razer mouse.
Good luck and let me know what you think.



I see so many survival hunter in solo shuffle. May give it a try.

This is great!! Thanks!!

Do you have an updated talent build link :)?

@Moe_1991 Yo, try this one. B8PA5ZKiUcehijAKxoiI1CP3g6ABahkAaBBJkEJhIRkEJhAAAAAAJRKFpoBJRIQoAAAAAI

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i cannot import macro script

I updated main post with macro i use atm. I might have missed something when doing stuff here :slight_smile:
Tested in BG and it is good. Thou i miss gear so i cant test Arena yet. Too many characters to play and i get bored so fast :slight_smile:


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made this account to say none of your stuff works. talents or macro imports.

ok ty for info, guess i need to check any changes. Been playing mostly BM atm.
I try update macro tonight.
Best regards

i just tried this and it works just fine. imports macro and talents.

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Concur, works fine for me too even with my season 2 gear

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Ok now i have tested my macro and it works fine. I havent changed the talents so it must be something at your end. I even imported the macro on here to see it is same as i have and its exactly the same.
Hope you find the issue and have a nice day.
Best regards