BRBBabyAggro VDH M+ and Raid Macro ** UPDATE 06-JUL-2021 V9.1**

UPDATE 06-JUL-2021*

Ok heres my update for the macro. I like the new GSE. Made things run simpler and faster. Less need of Entering repeat actions. I still use the 3 button macro like listed below, just updated the macro. But now they shouldnt be needed. Give this a go, Will be trying M+ and Raid with it this week!. Good luck and may all your loot be PHAT.

Ok guys, this is my first time sharing a personal macro on here, so i hope you like it. I am usually greedy with these so, i hope it works as good for you guys as GSE macros have for me.

Here’s a little history about me. I’ve been using GSE for a long time. I personally got CE in BFA with a personally modified version of Jon Metz BDK macro and pushed over 3300 IO on a BDK with it, and also worked for 4 different boosting communities selling carries and also giving away 15 carries on my wife and I’s stream on twitch. I usually modify these macros people post to fit mine and my wife’s needs and whatnot. So feel free to modify this to your needs. I am currently sitting at 1280 IO with this macro, and have pushed 9/10H and 1/10 Mythic with it, only cuz my new guild sucks.

Now for the nitty gritty details. When I run this macro I use Razer software. I use button 9. I also have it spam - and =. I have GSE on 9, Immo Aura on -, and Fel Dev or Fiery Brand on =. I do this because I want these abilities used on CD no matter what. I run at 10ms. Every sigil except Elysian Decree is a modifier. Ctrl is Chains, Alt is Silence, CtrlAlt together is Misery, Shift is Infernal Strike Leap. I keep unmodded versions of the spells and macros with @player both on my action bars to use as i see fit along with Elysian Decree.

This macro WILL run fine without the extra keys in the spammer. I have run it without until recently. This is MOSTLY built for Fiery brand M+ keys and raid and using the Fiery Brand Legendary. There is also included a Spirit bomb build macro as well, but it is not really tested in higher keys by me, as i dont run that build. I use it mainly for farming, solo stuff, and Torghast.

Edit - Since im a new user, i kept getting an error saying “I can only post one link” So heres the raw import code below.

Edit 2 - Figured out how to make this box work.

Edit 3 - 7/6/2021 Updated Macro to New GSE 9.1

Edit 4 - 7/8/2021 Fixed Infernal Strike



Talents: 2323321

This macro contains 1 macro template. This Sequence was exported from GSE 3.0.18-1-g5314f41.


Reserved for later?
Must be 20 Chars.

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Thanks for the macro. I’m laying in bed while checking the website lol. When I get up I look forward to testing the macro out.

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Thanks for that man, seems that you put a lot of effort into this.
I got a problem importing, only the 2nd set (the spirit bomb one) got translated, i manage to translate the 1rst set manually.
I’m curious about your Razer Configs, can you share them? you mentioned that it’s set to fire 3 buttons at 10ms, GSE one and immo aura Fel Dev/Fiery Brand one, are they set to be pressed at the same ratio? like:
9 / - / = sequence each one at 0,01ms keypress/release?

thank you again for sharing

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See if this works better

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i wouldn’t advise making macros like that easy way to get banned for botting… one key press 1 action is the rule.

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nice, been using this and its working like a charm for me, didn’t know we could use double modifiers, the ctrlalt helps a lot, already changed other macros to use that aswell, tks <3

Glad you like it!! Took me awhile to figure out the way to write it to make it work, but i do enjoy it and having all sigils on modifiers.

I know you’re running other keys but I don’t see Fel Devastation anywhere in your gse macro. You sure it works alone and you don’t need the other key spammers?

Great Macro. Way better then what I was using. Has increased my dps and my sustainability. Thanks for sharing.

4,4k sustain dmg on the 5 targets train dummys in Bastion, survivability will be tested these days so i can provide feedback. i also changed the mod keys more to my liking. also removed these two other buttons immo aura and fel dev cause i see that with 10 ms these spells are being casted on cooldown so no need for that :slight_smile:. fel dev is now on an alt modifier for precise use other than that i doesnt change the macro. i would like to see ur BDK Macro do u mind to share it ? cause as much as i like the VDH … i absolutely LOVE the Blood spec xD

managed 16 stacks @dungeonboss dummy with ilvl 197

cheers and thx for the macro very appreciated!!!

fel dev is on a seperate keybinding which will be pressed by his mouse software.

like so:
Button 1 is the Main Macro
Button 2 is Immo Aura
Button 3 is Fel Dev

His Mouse Settings are going to Press simultaneously 1, 2, 3 @ 10ms
so u need to setup ur mouse Software for that like he is doing in his Screenshot of the Razor Software


How can this be made into a one button spam?

all u need is to not use the other two buttons and put fel dev on a modifier :slight_smile:

Like DrBrumm said, i use them on seperate keys. I will probably be moving the fel dev to a new modifier now that its the conduit instead of fiery brand. Either way when i run keys/raids i usually pretty much want it on CD anyway since its usually up every pull, and it gets cast as soon as possible this way. I use my Trinket/Meta cooldowns manually, so it helps when it comes on pull when it does, to help build threat on big ass trash packs. I usually do my pulls manually with infernal strike/glaive throw/Chains Sigil, then start the Razer Macro. i am glad you guys are enjoying it.


I’ve been using this the past few days and also love it - I haven’t set up my software exactly like yours but I have it working very well for me. I actually have less dps with this macro but far better survivability and that’s what I wanted. I do appreciate your hard work here, thanks very much.

Can you by any chance put the fel dev and immo aura on a modifier together? Or just put it into castsequence priority? I’m asking because i want to make it one button but im not sure how to incorporate immolation aura

You could but I’m not sure it would be the best thing to do as they both have different cd timers. Why not just make one a shift modifier and another an alt or a ctrl modifier? That would probably work better

Because he has Leap on Shift and Silence on Alt