Brewmaster GS ST and AoE same button

Talents: 1/1/2/3/3/1/1
Major: Expel Harm/Zen Meditation/Fortifying Brew
Minor: Whatever/Whatever/Whatever

I use a Logitech G600 macro to press the macro at a speed of 150 ms.

Some notes about the macro (Actual macro further below)

/castsequence [nochanneling] reset=30 !Guard,Purifying Brew
(Casts Guard when enough chi is available, after used one time it will switch to purifying brew for the purpose of removing some stagger, this will happen approx every 30sec because of guards cooldown. You should ofc keep purifying on another button aswell for emergencies)

/cast [nochanneling] Blackout Kick
(If Guard is on cooldown chi will be spent on Blackout Kick which keeps our shuffle up)

/cast [nochanneling] !Keg Smash
(Keg smash deals aoe dmg and generates 2 chi. At the start of the macro it will cast keg smash and follow up with Guard)

/cast [nochanneling] Expel Harm
(When keg smash is on cooldown expel harm will be cast when enough energy is available. Expel harm generates chi, heals us and works with our set bonus to reduce cd on Guard.)

/cast [nochanneling] Spinning Crane Kick
(Despite the name this will cast the talented version rushing jade wind. I use this to add some AoE to the macro (Good for running through 5mans), when Expel harm is on cooldown this will be cast and run for a few seconds.)

/cast [nochanneling] Jab
(When all of the above is on cooldown jab will be cast. You will generate enough energy with the ascension talent to keep rushing jade wind running and still get some jabs in)

/castsequence [nochanneling] reset=15 Chi Wave, Elusive Brew
(This will cast chi wave which mostly serves as a cooldown for elusive brew. It will make sure that you have a decent amount of stacks before elusive brew is used.)

/cast [nochanneling] Tiger Palm
(Casts tiger palm when all of the above is unavailable(No chi, no energy) Gets cast often enough to keep the buff running. Although the buff wont start before the first time the macro gets to this point. If you absolutely cannot live with not having the buff up from the start, just add /castsequence reset=combat/target tiger palm,null to the top of the macro.)

“Why no Fire Breath?” Fire Breath is trash and only useful for interrupting spell casting mobs.
“Why no Touch of Death?” Put it on another button if you want. I personally have never needed the tiny extra deeps it can add.

Sequences['Brew'] = { 
StepFunction = [[
	limit = limit or 1
	if step == limit then
		limit = limit % #macros + 1
		step = 1
		step = step % #macros + 1
PreMacro = [[
/targetenemy [noharm][dead]
	'/castsequence [nochanneling] reset=30 !Guard,Purifying Brew',
	'/cast [nochanneling] Blackout Kick',
	'/cast [nochanneling] !Keg Smash',
	'/cast [nochanneling] Expel Harm',
	'/cast [nochanneling] Spinning Crane Kick',
	'/cast [nochanneling] Jab',
	'/castsequence [nochanneling] reset=15 Chi Wave, Elusive Brew',
	'/cast [nochanneling] Tiger Palm',
PostMacro = [[
/use [combat] 13
/use [combat] 14
/script UIErrorsFrame:Hide();

Something is wrong with this macro. It doesnt work.