Brewmaster High Performance

Works great with HitCombo Build. I am running with High Tolerance Build at the moment.

It is consistently ranking me high percentile for normal. Loggs below.

If anyone can improve this a little, that would be incredible.


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Update of tonights run:

Normal Uldir
Every Boss was 90+ Percentile with most being over 95th percentile

Boss Damage
All bosses over 95th percentile

Logs -

I am Moltenmonk

Looks good, although I found there’s points when it gaps Ironskin Brew. Is it meant to not have 100% uptime? Also, is there a way to work Expel Harm in there?

What ms are you running this macro at?

Works awesome! Currently running it at 50ms.

i found uptime of Ironskin to be around 98%. i am still playing with it to best optimize

Can anyone adjust the macro so that Ironskin Brew is on a 5 second cast loop?

No you can’t time the loops as it’s based on rotation. Loops are how many iterations of the macro are run before it’s used again. You will need to work this out manually as everyone spams their macros at different speeds and get different results.

Also it’s not a bad thing to overlap brews as new brews add to the timer, not the stagger amount.

I know you are pro at this…can you make anymore improvemnts?

One thing i noticed, after importing, edit it as last line should be /cast Blackout Strike, not /castsequence.

Can’t promise anything but i can take a look and see, as i mentioned its about your spam speed on how quick you spam to how soon loops go off and the number of lines you have in the macro.

You could have a spam speed of 50ms but a loop of 8 but someone finds they have better results at 150ms but notices the loop never fires off so you may need to drop the loop to 4 (not even exact science just using for this example) so what works for you may not for someone else, its the nature of macros and spam speed. One shoe doesnt fit all.

Having cast vs castsequence for 1 spell is fine, wont do anything to or for the macro :slight_smile:

i run at 200ms

I dont mind having Ironskin overlap, but i find one of two things happen when i play with it:

1: it has a second or two downtime 20% of the duration of a fight
2: or it over uses and exceeds cap of 23 secs

i ran the math, ideally id like to have it reset for use every 5 seconds, which should allow ideal usage

i dont like having it tethered to rushing jade wind lol

So move it away from RJW :stuck_out_tongue:

I have had a look at it and you are using loops wrong, if your loop of 7 is supposed to do something.

Loops will be assigned to Pre/Post Macro. If it’s blank then the loop of 7 will do nothing.

What you might want to do is use /cast Ironskin Brew into PreMacro and then play with the loop timings.
Have a look at the BrM Macro i have so you can get an idea of how it would work but then you would need to have a play of it so you can make it fire off when you need it to. Start with a loop of 3 and work up see where it fires off or uses a charge, if it’s too quick then add +1 and test it again until you’re happy it’s at 5s. You may be looking at a loop time of 25 for it to work

i tried 7, 6, 5, 4 with /cast in pre macro. couldnt get it to fire a second time

[quote quote=65837]Update of tonights run:
Normal Uldir Every Boss was 90+ Percentile with most being over 95th percentile
Boss Damage All bosses over 95th percentile
Logs –
I am Moltenmonk[/quote]

Have tou tried to do some M+ with it?

I have yes…used it a lot

[quote quote=65892]
Having cast vs castsequence for 1 spell is fine, wont do anything to or for the macro ?[/quote]

Something to be aware of when using castsequence for one spell is that it will do one of the following two results:

  • /cast spell
  • /castsequence spell, null

The results you get will vary and be unique to you. Most of the time you are expecting that the first option will happen in that it will cast the first spell over and over. However it can also do the second where it casts the spell once and then casts nothing every time after that. If you are not expecting that it can cause a few what the moments and there is no way to predict which way this happens. Its a but with castsequence and can be triggered by something as simple as a “,”. Safest practice is not to use castsequence for one spell only.

Ok, I took this for a spin on heroic Mother It parsed pretty well in DPS at 65 but crushed it on healing at 96. However, because there is such an overlap with Iron Brew, I was often on the edge of death, which has never happened before with the other macros I was running. I was having a hell of a time purifying the damage. Essentially, I was very limited on usable stack levels. If you can work out the rotation to keep Iron Brew from stacking so much, this would be much better. Now this could be due to speed on macro. I will try again tomorrow on Vec and slow it down a little.

I checked your macro out Riddick and made some changes

as i like to use modifiers to reduce the amount on the actionbar.

and i´ve never got ahk to work like at all

@MajorEncore, Took yours for a spin. It doesn’t solve the problem with Iron brew overlap. I believe it’s actual worse. The macros pops Iron brew every time with 5 sec left on the timer making it very difficult in managing Iron brew and Purifying brew.