Brewmaster Macro Cym is Using Through Beta

So i am not inventing the wheel on this one. It’s been used before and it’s been working for me amazingly well.
I did change if from being BoC based to HT with the new changes.

It will work with Bob and Weave or Healing Elixir but that’s mainly because those are manual. It will handle ISB but not Purify. There is no need to worry about ISB overlap as it’s cumulative and adding a new one will increase the timer but not the effectiveness. If you know how to handle Black Ox Brew properly then this is not a massive issue.

I also use this fast now at 100 instead of 8ms gasp shock horror

Talents 1231221

This macro contains 1 macro version. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.3.06.

Macro Version 1

Step Function: Priority

Pre Macro: Ironskin Brew

KeyPress: Contains various utility functions.

Main Sequence: Breath of Fire, Blackout Strike, Tiger Palm, Rushing Jade Wind, Keg Smash, Expel Harm

KeyRelease: Keg Smash, Breath of Fire

Talents are: 1231221

/targetenemy [noharm][dead]

Loop/Pre Macro:
7 - /cast Ironskin Brew

/cast Keg Smash
/cast Blackout Strike
/cast [combat] Breath of Fire
/cast Rushing Jade Wind
/cast Expel Harm
/castsequence reset=combat Tiger Palm, Tiger Palm, Keg Smash, Tiger Palm, Tiger Palm, Keg Smash
/castsequence reset=combat Tiger Palm, Tiger Palm, Keg Smash, Tiger Palm, Tiger Palm, Keg Smash

Key Release:
/cast Keg Smash
/cast [combat] Breath of Fire

Great Macro, using it with chest and shoulders legendaries at 8ms is great, no problem keeping all aggro and topping meters with only 205 ilvl!

I have made a stealth edit to this as i now run it at 100-150ms instead of 8. As such i have lowered the loop limit from 120 down to 7 and allow overlap of brews.

Other than that it remains untouched.

Is this tested in Mythic in Bfa? Does it work fine?

The macro works exceptionally well.
For mythic nothing changes but you will need to look out for and use Fortifying brew more both as defensive and emergency purify, which should be done anyway and also Zen Med for those incoming large 1 shot blows.

If you want numbers however, then take it out for a spin.

Just want to thank you for this macro. It is perfect :smiley:

I’ve been using it so far and it’s been great. I’ll be pushing through Mythic Dungeons within the next few days.

Cym are you using this in m+ too?

I am using this everywhere until i get more comfortable or geared then i might change talents. Hwoever this will also cover Blackout combo.

It’s been my go to from 7.x

Just imported your macro… everything looks fine but at the start it hits Ironskin Brew, waits until there is 1 second left (because of the loop timer), then hits it again, and again, and again using up all the charges. I’m guessing it should be staggered between uses because it leaves me with no charges for purify and is being used at the max buff time, wasting it. Any help?

How is it being wasted?

Why should it be staggered (no pun intended)?

using all 3 is absolutely fine it is additive so yes its supposed to add to the stagger delay timer because that’s all ISB does, it delays a certain amount of damage from taking place. If you stagger it it all it does it add to the timer.

You can use Fort brew as an emergency purify when needed and also learn to use BoB, you can hit purify brew enough when the extra charges are added and the timer is short enough so this never becomes an issue.

I have explained that further up in the post, ISB overlap adds to the timer, not the effectiveness.

Yes, but it’s being used on cooldown. The buff lasts 7 seconds and caps at 21 sec, so if you use one charge @ 19seconds, you wasted 5 seconds of ISB as you’re only getting 2 seconds of the buff.

[edit] Nevermind! I see where I went wrong, was still using Light Brewing and wasn’t understanding why so many charges were being wasted. I see your talents and forgot to change mine, my bad! Thank you for the work on the macro, it’s working really well

Cym, have you done any testing to see if we can switch to Light Brewing and add in a Purifying Brew every 3 Ironskins or so to drop stagger automatically?

Just started using my monk again, gonna give this a go, ty for your hard work!

is Cym still working on this? and what MS is recommended for this, I’m running at 200ms at the moment trying to keep ironskin up.

My monk is lvl 53 atm, and stagger is destroying him.

Not a lot for me to work on.

It does everything already and you can use multiple talent builds and it will work with it.

Yes you can switch to Light Brewing without and issue but you may want/need to change the loop limits.
I don’t know which would work best for what you want so you may need to increase the amount of loops per ISB/Purify.

The slower you spam the less loops you want while the faster you spam you want to increase the loops due to spam speed.

There is not much nor would i change much on the macro

Is there any information or explanation to Loop limit. What numbers would be good for faster vs slower like a range.