Brewmaster Monk M+ and Raid 9.2

Hey there!
Here is my take on Brewmaster in 9.2. Designed for M+ and Raid. At the moment I am raiding heroic and doing keys from +15 to +20.

Building a macro for tanking is difficult, as many of your defensive and utility spells are very situational. For keys up to +15 and Heroic Raiding its fine, but in content higher than that, knowing your class and utility is absolutely vital!

Here are some tips and tricks, which will make you a better tank:

  • Use your Ox for fights with high physical damage (high stagger) and press Alt to purify. Your DPS goes up quite a lot!
  • You can use Paralysis not only to CC an enemy, but also to interrupt certain casts.
  • Try to group mobs together in one place. People will thank you for that!
  • Use your Ring of Peace to either kite, if needed, or do the above. In higher keys you don’t need to face tank everything! Especially if you are not very comfortable with your monk yet.
  • Zen Meditation is an amazing defensive! Use it for one big hit
  • Touch of Death priority targets
  • Most important: Losing Threat is a huge problem in Shadowlands. Without going to much into detail, you will occasionally lose threat to players in your group, when they pop CDs. Sadly, that’s how it is nowadays, even if you and them, do everything right :person_shrugging: .

Main sequence:


Usage Information

Simple Brewmaster macro for M+ and Raid
Uses Celestial Brew on cooldown
Uses Weapons of Order on cooldown

Covenant: Kyrian
Soulbind: Mikanikos
Potency Conduits: Walk with the Oxx, Strike with Clarity, Scalding Brew
Endurance Conduits: Harm Denial, Condensed Anima Sphere
Finesse Conduits: Dizzying Tumble
Legendary: Stormstout’s Last Keg + Unity (Covenant)
Stats: Vers = Crit > Mastery > Haste
Talents: 2-2-1-3-1-2-1

Alt = Purifying Brew (use when Stagger is high)
Ctrl = Ring of Peace @ cursor
Shift = Fortifying Brew (big defensive!)

Runs @ whatever MS works for you

Link to my Monk: soon™

Some Logs
Sepulcher Heroic 6 / 11
Mists +17, SD +19
SD +10, PF +12

Give it a try and leave some feedback!

Ressources I used, when creating the macro:
Raidbots - Simming
subcreation - comparing different builds
Warcraft Logs - more comparing

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its been locking up on me. then i have to right click a enemy to get it going agian

It should only do stuff if you have an enemy target and are infight with it. That is, because I don’t want it to pull stuff, or target stuff every time a pull dies. Need to have control over what I pull, so I do it myself.

oh even when i have something targeted? this is the best brew macro i have tried. is there a way i can change it to auto attack for me

You can do that by adding the following lines to the KeyPress section of the macro:

This will start autoattacking enemies if in range and then start the rotation.

If you want the macro to cast e.g. Keg Smash, no matter if you are in combat with the targeted enemy or not, you have to delete the “combat” variable from this spell in the sequence.
This you can do for every spell, you want the macro to cast while not in combat.

sweet thank you so much i love your macro best one here imo

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Hey love your macro :). but just a question it occurs a error message for me sayin Unknown macro option:Talent=1/2 whats that about? cheers!

Yeah I also noticed that error but forgot to fix it. There was an error in the Chi Wave block. Import it again, updated the sequence.