Broken Rank 12 Frostbolt?

If I do not use the bracket specific /cast Frostbost (Rank 11) for some reason, Rank 3 frostbolt will only be cast, but I just learned Rank 12 and that doesn’t work… might this be a bug related to GSE?

When I click save, if I close and re-open the saves are not being saved.

p.s. - i even deleted and re-created macro, still no luck…

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Can you just /cast Frostbolt by itself?

I think it should use the max rank u have already learned , otherwise if you want to use lower rank you need to specifically name it


PS: shed some light @TimothyLuke if possible.

Or you could read the comments attached to this issue on GSE’s GitHub: Unable to specific spell rank in GSE-TBC release · Issue #828 · TimothyLuke/GSE-Advanced-Macro-Compiler · GitHub

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