BubbaGump's BFA BM Hunter Macro (So Far)

Hello my friends. I figured I’d post my current Macro I’m using in BFA. With all the changes to the GCD spells it has been a challenge for all of us to get the right mixture of spells to execute and often times the macros posted here are skipping spells and we are missing out on DPS. Mine is no different and it can occasionally hold up on some spells but have put in a few mods to get them to cast when needed.

I’m currently an ilvl 330 with:

  • 30.37% Mastery
  • 07.46% Haste
  • 19.49% Crit

Talents used: 1323111

This Macro will cast most spells when they come off of cooldown. You will notice there are a lot of “repeats” in this macro as well as using CASTSEQUENCE for things like AoTW/AMoC/BW/Chimera . I have found instead of just putting in a normal CAST and only calling it once in a priority step function using the CASTSEQUENCE and calling it multiple times helps to call it when it comes off of cooldown much more often.

There are times you will see that KC doesn’t fire so I have a MOD for to get it to cast right away. I also have a mod for BARBED SHOT so if you have a WA or see it has a proc you can cast it. I also use one mod (make it whatever you want) for Multi-Shot. This is so when I’m dealing with mobs I can easily hit the CTRL button and it will fire off the Multi-Shot and activate cleave.

I tested this macro out with a variety miliseconds and based on my stats and the way the macro runs I found this runs very well in the 60-90ms range. the slower speed cast (ie 90+ms) the more consistent the spells will cast and not bypass them. The faster the MS (ie 60ms or less) you have more opportunity for spells to get bypassed such as BW or AMOC. You will have to find the sweetspot for your character. Right now I’m running mine at 60ms with not too much missed spells where I have to use the MOD for the KC. I do feel 90 is better to not miss the spells but found my dps is a little lower.

Anyway… I hope you can test it out and give me some feedback as to how it is working for you.

Below is what I exported from GSE:

dWZ6eaWsuG3QcTnr6Yu9ysnBaEoQUjk0Ve42IOZRO0obAVi7wH9l50QOHjQFtWafuPHkigSudxLQdQiLxRsYXG64aAHQelff0IfHLJspurWtbTmswNkPMOIunvu0KvLMUsxurHVPkEgKRtOnQOOTkOInROY2ve10Oywc9zbLXjinsfjoNQA0QugVGQoPIi3srvxJs3trsRurO7QcomrtyIjbIj4LzmJqGxM50UWibQiMeKPeGpwobXifcJXeCkoG7euVSaQE(QRMrra758WBcBnrjGT65RMbNaau9eesMuoERjYVDo3w98vFrYMWFRgEtyj4095KIawcetq4DxpPPtGklIGttCVjWsWlUF)053ehlB4cxb2KSUCYolbzuQzfchNLFkm4etcetmjqmbd0s(YDGI(q7vJ)ilkhRg)rwuown(JSOmbQiyGwYxUdu0hAVAmch63eRgJWH(nXQXiCOFdbIiyGwYxUdu0hAVA83(yIvJ)2htSA83(yiqdbd0s(YDGI(q7vBrQ8pwTfPY)y1wKk)jqlbd0s(YDGI(q7vJmzvASA8hzS2y1itwLgRg)rgRLatjyGwYxUdu0hAVA8hzS2y1itwLgRg)rgRnwnYKvPe4dbd0s(YDGI(q7vRWpQCowTc)OY5y1k8JkNjWqjyGwYxUdu0hAVAKjRsJvJ)iJ1gRgzYQ0y14pYyTe4NGbAjF5oqrFO9QXFKXAJvJmzvASA8hzS2y1itwLsG4mbd0s(YDGI(q7vRWpQCowTc)OY5y1k8JkNjqmMGbAjF5oqrFO9QrMSknwn(JmwBSAKjRsJvJ)iJ1sGyfbd0s(YDGI(q7vJ)iJ1gRgzYQ0y14pYyTXQrMSkLaXicgOL8L7af9H2RgzYQ0y14pYyTXQrMSknwn(JmwlbdrGVmk1ScetAj4uC5lLGGGU(kkbbV4awkbbz45immLGGtqizc5sxiid8zdH15CIjbIjyWkzdZxF4jNT6JdHBs2Kho(6Y3deOIGb39vURuFfbIiyGwY3QpoeU7BCi86Y3dvhkszueOHGbAjFR(4kzdZ3PoNGwKhR2d)jF5XQhcVU89q84kzdZ3PE33y1E4p5lpw9q41LVhQgzmppeOLGbAjFR(ysH3R1llGdvRsnicmLGbAjFR(ysH3RLa2dvJmzvkb(qWaTKVvFmPW718BNZThQwHFu5mTeKHNJWuuccYK9CCLVkkbbzYEoUYxmLGGW1VptXHEpfgeme2tb2ZDwcgcRZOuZkqmPLGmWNLHoaxYDIjT0slbzuoeLaM0yD2j7J9uyqxOLwIaUsage Information
ctrl - Multi-Shot
alt - Kill Command
shift - Barbed Shot

This macro contains 1 macro version. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.3.07.

Macro Version 1

Step Function: Priority

KeyPress: Call Pet 2, Barbed Shot, Multi-Shot, Kill Command, Misdirection

Main Sequence: Barbed Shot, Kill Command, Bestial Wrath, Cobra Shot, A Murder of Crows, Chimaera Shot, Aspect of the Wild

I like this one, doing great DPS.

wont insert it