Bugs/Issues and Requests for GSE

Hi all,

while it’s great that you like to reach out and mention you have issues with the client, posting them here is ineffective and not the correct place to report GS:E bugs and issues.

Tim is a very busy person so he never really stops here to pick up issues. While he may comment on them he will never really pick up and deal with any faults you post here. This site is where macros are posted. The discord is also not always the best place to report issues either.

If you need to reach out to report issues or hang ups etc that you have with the Gnomesequencer: Enhanced client then please do so at Tim’s Github which is provided in the link below.


Thank you very much for the reference.

I have posted such a question here even while feeling this was the wrong place.

I do try to pick everything up but I miss things here. ALso the things posted in GitHub also have the references to code changes. Everything that changes in GSE’s code is tied to an issue on GitHub so can see why a change has been made.

Hey Cym,

Been away for awhile whats with the code changes for GSE ? I’m not the smartest cookie on the block but that export and import looks goobly gook to me now. :slight_smile:



So the code changes are only for import and export.
They help reduce the size/memory usage of GS and the macros, expecially for international clients.

The macros spell names are converted from names to ID’s. This stops the need to change spells to their local language as the ID’s are universal.

It helps make the client more efficient by around 50% too.

The changes are not bad, the only thing upsetting people right now is they say they can’t see the layout, but really, no one can look at the layout and judge a macros performance on what they seen…


Thanks for the reply, still prefer the old style… but will get used to this…no doubt i will be in touch lol


The only problem I see is when you record your own Macro is that it records it in numbers which is worthless when you go to use the macro you are creating to test.

where can i find a macro for warrior portection ?

There are 3 in the Protection Warrior Class Forum.

No matter how many macros I delete, I can never import or create macros because it says I’ve already reached my limit amount of GS Macros.

is ther with the new talents ?

GSE doesn’t have a limit but GSE depends on a stub in WoWS /macro interface and this (/macro) has limits of 16 per character. This is why GSE has the Create Icon and Delete Icon so you can manage this limit. It also has the option in the options to overflow to the 128 account wide macro slots.

Having to type GSSE in twice for macro names to show that’s the only problem am seeing atm :smiley: great work fella

Ty man that helped me :smiley:

I really love holy but is there anyone that can make a holy dps macro for me plz? thank

I’m planning on this. Trying to do a macro every day or two.