Burst Macro and Grinding Macro?

Hey all… I love theses fantastic macros u guys are making! But i wondered if there were anyone of u who could make a burst macro for when u get ported in Trial of dps thingy at Norushen for example, or when u do proving grounds. Since all macros here do more dmg the longer the fight goes on typically. Any answers would be appriciated =). With grinding macro i mean for example when u kill alot of mobs at timeless isle and want to kill them fast =)

all burst would be is removing your cooldowns from the main rotation macro so you have them available for when you want to burst something down

Just as Prisoner1167 said, just remove the lines such as /use [combat] (Anything higher than a 2 min CD) and use that for regular fights, then use the one that still has those lines in as your burst.

As far as a grinding macro goes, any macro would work; they are designed to be as optimal as possible. :slight_smile: