🧈 Butterey Totem- 9.1.5 - GSE3 -

How To Use:

  • get a Weak Aura for Earthquake to use it manually. Best way is to make an actual macro in game to cast at cursor
  • run it around 200
  • macro autocasts Flame Shock at a new target to apply the dot for Lava Burst
  • Hold Shift to cast Chain Lightning in aoe, but make sure to release to let the macro cast other spells here and there
  • Hold CTRL to cast Storm Elemental
  • Hold ALT to cast Flame Shock. Spam these dots on the pack!

The Build:

  • Kyrian covenant, since I main Resto
  • crafted the Echoes of Great Sundering Leggo
  • attempted to stack stats (Crit and Haste)
  • included Storm Keeper and my racial in the macro itself. Take it out and throw it on a different keybind for more control


  • Within 150 dps of hitting my sim from raidbots
  • Lava Burst Charges consumed
  • No real gap in casts


Time to butter some buns boys

9.1.5 Macro - GSE3


Earthquake at cursor macro

/cast [@cursor] earthquake

Macro Versions

  • Version 1 is for dungeons and world content
  • Version 2 will eventually be for raids

hi, what talent’s are you using?

They’re listed in the macro after you’ve imported it. I’m not by a pc at the minute, but they’re the “meta talents” for M+

yes i know, i’m asking cause you put in an extra number of talents

Fixed the macro profile.

Thank you so much, much appreciated :upside_down_face:

I like this macro, but somewhere in it is making it stop casting.

Pretty sure its the macro trying to apply flame shock while its on cooldown.
I corrected the macro and put flame shock on an Alt mod.
Seems to be looping fine now